It's probably too early to call any record my "AOTY" right now, but I've been spinning this new Ad Nauseum several times per day since discovering it a week ago. Real trippy avant-garde death metal with psychedelic twinges and atmosphere. Kind of reminds me of Obscura-era Gorguts, but even more unhinged and cerebral.

Not technically music related, but a good friend of ours recently completed a piece of art he's been working on for months for our podcast. I thought I'd share it here as I think it turned out stellar.

I find the artwork for this upcoming release to be a little cringey, but the atmosphere (and vocals) is superbly bleak.

Published a new podcast episode this morning for the debut LP Apex Profane from the deathgrind/goregrind quartet, Miasmatic Necrosis. Has anyone had an opportunity to check that record out? It's pretty moist.

Hey everyone! I'm new to all of this, so just wanted to say hello for my first post. I operate a small podcast/webzine named From Corners Unknown, located over in the States. We typically cover underground releases in extreme metal and dark ambient.

Recently, we published our year-end lists for 2020, and I was curious what some of your favorite albums from last year were as I'm always on the lookout for new and outlandish sounds.

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