The EP is mixed and mastered! 🎚😊πŸ₯°

Finished recording our first EP a.k.a. the first half of the album!

There are some inspiring songs out there. Little by little we want to introduce you to some of those songs that have inspired us to write music ourselves. Tony starts with five songs that inspired him to write FOXMASK songs.
Read his post in our blog:

🎼 🎡 🎢 Mixing and mastering of 'Eons' is finished! Can't wait to announce the release date of the first single of our upcoming album!

The first single of our forthcoming album is nearly finished 🎚️

Recording of our album is progressing quite well, the drums are nearly done as well as the bass tracks. But the guitars take more time than initially anticipated πŸ˜…

We got another cover song on it's way and we can't wait to share the details. Subtle hint out this friday.

Just a few minor arrangement tweeks and then we're ready to

Songwriting session coming up today, sevens songs in the bank, just two more tunes to complete the LP

"Hot N Cold" is going to be released on 08/02/2019 and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and many more.

Two more days until the release of our new single β€žHot N Coldβ€œ. You can pre-save the song on Spotify:

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