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Koeman is not yielding results. I think his time is over. His tactical choices are awful.

If this is the future Koeman talked about for Barcelona, he has to go - Barca Blaugranes

Really enjoying Marcella. It's very dark, but quite entertaining

What search engine do you use and why :ac_question:

Being followed by Crypto spam accounts. Block and report them, please!

Watching the Schumacher documentary on Netflix.
It's very good thus far.

Started watching Marcella on Netflix last night. I like it, it's very well done.
On the other hand, I have been struggling with Mr Robot, I am at S02 and am struggling to get hooked?

Another great video by Beth Roars - What makes Freddie Mercury great?

Beth Roars is one of the coolest people on the Internet. And her insight into using the voice as an instrument is amazing.
Here she reacts to Queen's - Love of my Life.

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