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I have “Attack” by 30 Seconds to Mars stuck in my head so I guess it’s one of those days. Where my emo crew at?

Look at these young guns. Growing me some chillies. Can't wait for these to start carrying!

Mastodon goal:

To be able to only scroll your home timeline, because you follow so many awesome people!

Today is a beautiful day outside, great for washing car. I might post a photo or two later ;)

Anyone know Tennis Biscuits? It might be a South African thing?

Tomorrow is car wash day. Always keen to have a clean, shiny vehicle :blobrainbow:

"Agriculture is tricky to do securely, almost everything requires root."

On Telegram I have:

- A group for UK people to buy and sell second-hand (pretty quiet)
- A channel for stuff I'm giving away (for P&P from the UK)
- A Freecycle UK offered/wanted group (for people giving things away for P&P)

DM me if you'd like an invite to any of them. :)

I have been using Fluffychat for a day now and I am pleasantly surprised. The app is great to use and is the beginning and foundation of a great app. I believe this app is key to Matrix's success in obtaining mainstream success.
Please test this app and let's make this app even more amazing.

Oh hey, another day where waives all their revenue to the artists for covid19 support. It's now a regular thing on every 1st friday of the month for another 2 months at least.

Can anyone recommend a good Mastodon tutorial for newbies who are just arriving in the Fediverse from Facebook? Something that covers the process after account sign-up : using the interface, setting up their homescreen feeds, explaining differences between local and fedi feeds, etc?

I was thinking of writing one and including some screenshots, but I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. I figure there has to be one out there already.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #tutorial

Dear #privacy advocates around the world, please oppose the #india pushing a surveillance app 👎 Aarogya Sethu using the pandemic as an excuse. The worst thing is that they are making it compulsory if you want to move out or start working!

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