Sick run! Some tricks are so complex I don't even know what they are.

So the hard work paid off. This board looks amazing! I was worried about the blue wheels and orange deck, but they really compliment each other. Block colours makes it feel more old school! Amazing!

Step 3) Apply 2-in-1 primer + colour.
Looking gooooooood. Next up the ckear coat. Will be doing that tomorrow

Step 2) Sand it down using 80 grit sanding paper, followed by 220 grit to smooth things out.

Step 1) Stripping the paint using a paint stripper. The remaining marks are battle scars from hundreds of board slides.haha

My DIY project for the day. Stripping paint from this ~22 year old Skateboard, the very first one I ever had. Progress pics to follow soon....

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