Alright, Fediverse.

I am looking for a RSS Feed reader?

Aaaand, go!

@ferds On #iOS my go to app is #Reeder. When I was on #Mac, Reeder was great there too. On #Linux, I haven’t found one that I liked just yet.

@rd @ferds iOS: Reeder. Linux: NewsFlash (powered by FreshRSS)

Python module feedparser!
Import feedparser
d = feedparser.parse('')


- Newsboat, a CLI client for the minimalism fans and/or for those who don't want to spend too many resources.
- Winds: a nice feed and podcast client build using React.
- Liferea: the classic.

After years of using feed readers, I go with newsboat. No distractions, no fancy stuff. It just does its job.

@ferds Do you need syncronization?

If so, on the self-hosted side you have TinyTinyRSS, FreshRSS or even Nextcloud has the app “News” (it’s ok for simple use).

I don’t know much local readers, only feedreader and liferea, but I don’t use them.


Software, for a pc, with windows? For that I am still happy with #rssOwl.

#rss #feedReader

@ferds #miniflux is my favourite if you want a web based, self hosted solution. works with #newsboat if you like that.

@ferds I’m fond of ‘Feeder’ available on F-Droid. Assuming you’re using Android:

@ferds I'm sure I'm too late but I really like Handy News Reader. It looks nice, it's F/LOSS, highly configurable, and actively developed.
Official: |

@ferds Oh, I forgot to mention that on desktop I rather like QuiteRSS. For GTK there's Claws-mail and Thunderbird which handle e-mail and newsgroups as well.

@ferds I'll give a thumbs-up to Inoreader. It works well on the web and on their app.
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