The one thing I do enjoy about getting older is seeing how my taste in music changes and also how songs I used to listen when I was younger sound different

One of the coolest sounding intros. And an amazing album. Can't really describe the genre.

It has been a while since I have listened to the Tool - Lateralus album. Damn, it's so good! Most definitely Tool at their peak!
Here is one of my favourite songs off this album:

Alright folks, it's Friday! Time for some good vibes!

Here is another one. This time it's "Burn The Scene". This one is very groovy with some ballsy guitar tone.

So now, I'm all over the show. I'm on ALL the chats.haha.
Telegram, Wire, Matrix (fluffychat), xmpp (Conversations).

Listening to some Mad Season again.
Hauntingly beautiful and sad music.

I have now wasted over an hour of band practice time just trying to get windows to fucking work. Fuck the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

Okay Fediverse I want to get to know you. Social media only works with friends. Hit me up and let's chat about whatever! Nothing is off the table. Feel free to reshare this.

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