Thank You all for the RSS suggestions. Really cool to see all the options available.

Ah yes! Flym on Android is a beautiful RSS Feed Reader!! We have a winner

Alright, Fediverse.

I am looking for a RSS Feed reader?

Aaaand, go!

@ferds the encryption part serves to hide your requests from the proxy, but in order to use it you need to trust anyway since if it wanted to it could mitm you by giving you fake keys or just giving bad javascript, so what's the point?

So uhm, is an interesting search engine...

Which one do you use?

Instagram's old API is dead and it's under Facebook's Graph API now. Single-handedly killed Instagram for me. Why does Facebook ruin everything I love.

It is so much work to use facebook APIs and there's a new verification step after everything. Pisses me off.
All I should need to post on my *personal account* is my secret token. Which is how it used to be until Facebook ruined it.

Good to see so many AC/DC fans.
I always knew they are famous, but jeez haha.

Thank You all for the suggestions!

Any AC/DC fans here?

What are your favourite songs?

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