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Time for

I am a professional drummer, music lover, Scientist trained as a Computational Chemist, I dabble with Linux.

I post about day to day stuff, share cool Science related news and such.
Big Lover of beer, so photos of beer might also happen.
I also share music I listen to and think you should give a listen :)

And obviously, share all things METAL!

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So apparently Mastodon is experiencing a massive influx of users joining from Twitter?

Welcome! Be kind, and enjoy your stay. People are nice here. This is not a popularity contest, but about being you.

Love this song! By one of my favourite bands in the world. Deaf Radio - Model Society

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told Meta staff he's upping performance goals to get rid of employees who 'shouldn't be here'

Things in Canada that are expensive for no reason:

1) Dustbin/trash can
2) Herbs / Spices
3) multiplug / power strip
4) Empty spice bottles

"Hard Cell" on Netflix is a pretty cool, fun series. Quite a fresh take on a mockumentary, and quite gutsy. Well done on Catherine Tate for creating it. She plays like 5 different characters. Crazy!

Hello fediverse, I have this cactus since a while, and I want to know what kind it is, but I failed identifying it. Are there cactus nerds who can help me?

A column shaped cactus with 12 ribs, whitish golden Needles. The color is a darkish green and it spawns babies at it’s bottom.

#cactus #gardening #plants

**Visits IKEA for the first time ever**

I have no IKEA what I am doing!

Been listening to Pennywise again. Been very fun and nostalgic experience. The lyrics always speaks to me. Here is one such example.

**Pennywise - We Set Fire**

"This is our last and dying gasp of the bourgeoisie
We are the cold and bitter souls of austerity
We're all thirsting for some difference
While drowning in our opulence
We're dying to survive eternally"

Day #1 of House Husband was a success!
Wife is very impressed with the meal I prepared 😃

Trying to buy a degoogled, refurbished phone in Canada. Any tips on where I can do this?

Thanks. #degoogled #canada

Did not expect this to be the reason? Haha

Friends Who 'Click' Have Something Peculiar in Common: Their Smell

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