Washed my car today. Polishing and waxing a panel after each was. Coming along nicely. Can't wait for the whole car to be polished and shiny.

Looking for great documentaries and movies to watch.
Movies can be anything but action/marvel.

I have to say, Walking Papers have surprised me. I wasn't expecting some of their songs to be so catchy. Even when you hear one of their songs for the first time, it sounds great, but not instantaneously catchy. However, give it a few listen and it sticks!

This is a very insightful talk and makes one reflect about how phones influence us.


And here they are! My New Zildjian cymbals!
14" K Sweet HiHats
16" A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash
17" A Zildjian Thin Crash
19" A Custom Medium Crash

Got this amazingly beautiful pair of Hi Hats today. Zildjian K Sweet Hats 14". They sound soooo good!

Oh damn!

It is Friday! Let us celebrate by doing what you enjoy!

Was looking at work by Barrett Martin and stumbled upon this groovy instrumental. Damn, it's so good!


Icarus - Spoiler Alert 

I just saw a commercial for Facebook Groups that taglined “let’s find what brings us together” and I basically lost my shit ranting about how Facebook has singlehandedly divided the American population more than anyone combined.

Have you heard of Pixelfed before?

If you have Netflix and are into documentaries, watch Icarus. It is amazing.

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