To all my green friends out there, Happy 4:20!

As a Musician I can understand abstract things, but the one thing I don't understand is Art and how people can pay so much for any painting.
Especially Rothko paintings...

Been watching The Serpent on Netflix. It's pretty good.

Had a bit of detailing session today. Waxed the car with Carnauba Wax, it looks amazing!

Ah yes, Friday!
Have a great weekend, friends! Do what makes you happy!

Lowrider - Refractions. What an album. Damn. Must be one of the best stoner metal albums in the world.
Everything is one point. I especially enjoy the recording, the sound is phenomenal!

If you like heavier music with melody, I highly recommend the new Chevelle album, Niratias.
It's true to their style of writing, yet fresh enough to make it interesting and different. It's a really good album from start to finish. And it grooves so well

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