Been listening to Unearth again since a few years ago. Man, I love their melodies, breakdowns and solos.

The Umbrella Academy series on Netflix was disappointing. A definite would not recommend.

Helloooooo Friday!
Gonna be a busy weekend, full of car washing, detailing and lots of Linux adventures.

Facebook is under heavy criticism these days for almost everything they do (or don't do?). I hope regulations come in asap that will force FB to behave.

If Trump wins the next US elections, you can most certainly blame Facebook for it....

Hi everyone, newbie here.

I'm a IT Pro for a living, but in my spare time I mess with tech, have a growing interest in privacy related tech, spend far too much time thinking about my football team (Bradford City) and have a 3 year old to keep me young :)

Just getting my head around Mastodon so you probably won't hear too much from me to start with ;)

#KDE #linux folx, who among you has a LIGHT plasma desktop theme that you really like that doesn't try to look like windows or macOS?

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