Weird how my craving for music differs relative to my environment. Been listening to Walking Papers in my car for a while now, but at home I listen to Alice In Chains - Self Titled...a lot.

I guess I have a new hobby now - Car Detailing.
It's hard work, but rewarding to drive in a beautiful clean car.

Non-foss, death, conspiracy? 

Had a very busy day. Washed, polished and waxed my car, including treating the plastic trim to preserve it and treated my tires. Took me 4 hours, but was worth it.
I love deicing in a clean car and I am starting to get into car detailing.

It's about time I gave this Mastodon lark a shot again!

As a brief introduction, I'm a DevOps guy, a dad, a husband, and a very noisy individual. I love music, especially Metal and obnoxious Electronic music. I've played guitar for nearly two decades too.

I have a passion for Linux and Open Source, and automating whatever I can. My current love is monitoring, especially Prometheus and associated technologies.

Here I am I guess!

@yetiops Ahoy! Good to see a fellow muso on Mastodon. You should have joined the metalhead club ;)

There goes our power.
Gonna be without it from 10:30 until 18:00 due to "unforseen issues".

Those old school spiderman memes are probably some of my favourite. Haha. So good.

Anyone have any great RSS Feeds that they could recommend?

Please tell me!

Also, if you could boost so I get plenty of responses, that would be awesome.

my therapist: Chemistry Santa isn't real, he can't hurt you

Chemistry Santa:

What are your go-to tools when looking for FOSS alternatives to proprietary software?

I normally use but I'm trying to look for more.


Masto is becoming pretty awesome in addition to its existing level of coolness

I know good sleep isn't always possible, especially if you struggle like I do sometimes. But the Science is clear; sleep is very important.

The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep | WIRED

So wil welcome you with a tutorial.

In #mastodon you can see 3 timelines

HOME is like our Twitter TL - from the people you are following.

LOCAL- Public posts from the people in your instance

FEDERATED - public posts from other instances

I don't understand movies that are musicals?

So, fairbnb's website integrates facebook's messenger to act as a "customer care" chat.

Please, don't.

There is nothing "ethical" in allowing a surveillance giant to capture and process personal data.

Can we PLEASE just have one more secure encrypted messaging system which I can have non-techie friends actually able and willing to use, without corporate shenanigans? Please?

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