Facebook needs to be kept on a VERY short lease. They also need to be held accountable for their actions. They need to be destroyed.


tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

@hafnia Some amazing retoots from you today. Haha. Awesome!

Is reverse Satanic panic a thing?

Like, I’m deeply concerned that today’s youth won’t get into death metal and witchcraft?

This might sound like a stupid question, but are there still bands out there today that sounds like bands in the 90s? In particular the recordings.
I tend to move away from over produced records these days, especially on drums.

Time to make some coffee! I just love the smell and taste of a good brew.

Listening to Led Zep III. Totally forgot how dang ACOUSTIC this album is. It's so nice.

One big advantage of the fediverse is that one gets exposed to opinions and point of views that are outside of your "bubble". This allows one to learn a lot about other people, but most importantly, yourself. This is good for introspection. Stay great, fediverse.

Gonna take the whole "Don't scab on prime day" moment to promote one of my favourite alternatives to an amazon product.

The Movie Database is a free community-run alternative to IMDB, unlike amazon's shitty website, TMDB isn't full to bursting with ads, trackers and sluggish JavaScript, and provides an excellent platform for folk to catalogue information about their favorite films without being marketed to.

Please support it, not just on prime day, but any time you need info on a film. Keep information free.


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