Awww yeah, Friday! I'm ready to have me some weekend!

Reposting this under #introduction so I can kindle further interaction with complete strangers.

Hi, I'm Jack; I like .*core music, open source software dev, and Bionicle. Praise be to Mata Nui, praise be to downtuned 6 strings, praise be to having a >280 character limit.

The newer Alice In Chains albums (post Layne Staley) are pretty good. Great, easy listening music. Think older people, late twenties & thirties, would enjoy it more than the younger folk.
My favourite album is still Black Gives Way To Blue.

Today I have this insatiable craving for coffee. What's wrong with me?

This is so disturbing! #Microplastic 

Babies Drink 1.6 Million Microplastic Pieces From Their Bottles

Had a really good drum session on Saturday. First one this year, I believe.
Stamina and coordination were better than expected. I was still pretty sharp and freaking loud, haha.

Hello Everyone, new to mastodon but really like the concept and hope to be part of driving wider mainstream adoption of decentralised digital commons. I'm an academic researcher working on contemporary digital activism. #introductions

@ferds Hail the Disaster from Retrocide.

Rock the hell out motherf*ckers!

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