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I don't understand why people who care about others draw the line at certain types of animals because they taste good. All the chickens and cows I've met are just as alive and sentient as a dog or cat. Cows will even play fetch style games. They are alive, they feel pain, they are sentient and deserve the same rights we all do. Please consider this before finding justifications to put them or the byproducts of their captivity on your plate.

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lapd isnt getting a 150 million dollar budget decrease. theyre taking 150 mil off the top of the 600 million dollar increase theyre still going to get.

protestors put up a guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’ mansion holy shit

These are all the Mississippi lawmakers that voted AGAINST changing the state flag, which features Confederate imagery


in my final year of college the dining hall workers were trying to get a union recognized by the school. i remember giving some computer science freshmen a long ass lecture when i heard them shit talking in the lab. i dont know if any of it mattered. private schools should be destroyed

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Thinking a lot about how millions of people are about to be evicted when the “stimulus” ends. The government is letting it happen. And the media is going on about Russia for some reason, as if what’s about to happen won’t be catastrophic and isn’t preventable

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