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I don't understand why people who care about others draw the line at certain types of animals because they taste good. All the chickens and cows I've met are just as alive and sentient as a dog or cat. Cows will even play fetch style games. They are alive, they feel pain, they are sentient and deserve the same rights we all do. Please consider this before finding justifications to put them or the byproducts of their captivity on your plate.

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Anarchist Library: **Clare Maxwell - Anarchy in the YPG**

"Author: Clare MaxwellTitle: Anarchy in the YPGSubtitle: Foreign volunteers vow Turkish ‘revolution’Date: 11 May 2017Source: Retrieved on 2020-5-25 from International volunteers form anarchist brigade with long-term plan to create democratic confederation across…"

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@natecull Boomers then: Never trust anyone over 30.

Boomers now: Never vote for anyone under 70.

really glad that we debated all the right wing weirdos in the marketplace of ideas until they left.... oh wait you mean we just blocked them instead and cut off the supply of troll food that they require to sustain themselves, leaving their communities to rot in their own hateful filth? who could have predicted this

Organizers are hustling now to raise as much money as possible to secure as many hotel rooms as they can tonight for unsheltered Oaklanders, because the city refuses to help.

Donate if you can.

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Housing is a matter of life and death, especially in a pandemic. Our neighbors at 37MLK held an action today demanding that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf use her powers to open hotel rooms to those without shelter.


More and more instances of "[previously physical presence required thing] over Zoom" is further evidence that [thing] was an archaic formality where presence was never physically required to function

Bureaucracies don't change until faced with an existential crisis

The city of Oakland explicitly declared the authority to commandeer and lease properties for unsheltered persons in response to the COVID-19 crisis, but has completely failed to act.

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Wacom drawing tablets are spying on every app you open, and sending the data back to Wacom

Israeli PM Netanyahu is pushing to annex more land after getting the green light from Pres. Trump


Today we released our new Home and About pages:

They explain better what Tails is and why activists, journalists, and domestic violence survivors should use Tails.

Thanks @anhdres for the awesome illustrations.

Here're some impressions:
(They include an image description, so that anyone using a screen reader can listen to it. )
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The Navajo Nation near me has been hit really hard by covid. They’ve received next to nothing from the federal government.

If you have money to give, it would be a great idea to send it their way. They have a covid-19 relief fund on their website:

Word is police are on their way. Organizers are asking for support if you can get to 829 West MacArthur Blvd in Oakland soon.

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Protest organized by residents of #37MLK encampment, who have been crowdfunding for motel rooms on their own recently, but they can't raise enough for everyone. For background, read's pre-pandemic piece on the women of 37MLK.

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