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I don't understand why people who care about others draw the line at certain types of animals because they taste good. All the chickens and cows I've met are just as alive and sentient as a dog or cat. Cows will even play fetch style games. They are alive, they feel pain, they are sentient and deserve the same rights we all do. Please consider this before finding justifications to put them or the byproducts of their captivity on your plate.

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A libertarian is just a Republican who takes drugs.
-- Bob Black

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tired: disgusted that to send scanned documents from this HP printer/scanner, it sends the document to HP then the document is emailed to you from HP

wired: realizing if you can spoof the scanner, you can send infected files to anyone from a trusted HP email address

Student surveillance vendor Proctorio sued one of its critics for speaking out. Cases like this show the need for strong anti-SLAPP laws throughout the U.S., and Canada as well.

September 1st General Strike y’all; and every 1st of the month from here on out! Shut 👏 it 👏 down 👏!

Entire police departments; in the case of #Portland, one in which the Mayor, Ted Wheeler, is the police Commissioner, are now issuing threats on social media at groups run by high-school age kids.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested positive for COVID-19 just before a scheduled meeting with Pres. Trump


San Francisco’s mayor unveiled a city budget proposal that would move $120 million away from law enforcement and towards Black communities


"There are different ways to fight fascism and everyone can find his own role in the struggle. But it is our duty to stand against it and to coordinate and organise against it."

:rojava: :antifa:
Internationalist woman about antifascist values, duties and the reality of the enemy.

Paypal account added for homeless acquaintance in western MA needs crowdfunding for meds after being hit by a car 

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CrimethInc.: **Alat dan Taktik dalam Protes Portland : Dari Blower Daun dan Payung ke Laser, Balon, dan Peralatan Listrik**

"How to employ leaf blowers, umbrellas, shields, lasers, power tools, lacrosse sticks, kitchen mitts, paint bombs, bubbles, balloons, and more."

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The White House condemned Hong Kong for delaying its election one day after Pres. Trump tweeted a suggestion of delaying the U.S. election


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