Metallica - The thing that should not be

You name it

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Ein guter Ratschlag.
Folgt nicht Influencern und Models, sondern Künstlern und Designern.

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Also, since I'm new to the site, how do I block all those porn sites on the federated timeline? lol

Raining outside? Just put on some carribean music and forget about everything else during breakfast.

Someday I'll trip on some toy which I was too lazy to put aside earlier and I'll break my neck and it's justice.

Everyone tells me the extinct elephant is more addictive than the bird.
We're all infected.

Da ich nicht genau weiß, wem ich hier erstmal folgen könnte, folge ich Leuten, die vermeintlich von hier kommen.

New to this thing.
Is this any less addictive than Twitter?


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