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Casual shoutout für unsere lokale Feuerwehr, bin immer wieder beeindruckt wie schnell die da sind - und mit wie vielen Fahrzeugen.

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🤯 Topological Logic - a rod through one hole of a double torus can pass through both with some careful stretching of the surface. No tearing or pinching required. A fantastic video made by math professor Dave Richeson


I have time and tools to do some work on a bike restauration project, but I'm kinda to lazy to put on the protective clothes

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I want you back for the rhythm attack. Coming down on the floor like a maniac. I want you back for the rhythm-attack. Get down in full effect! 

from 'How much is the fish' on the album 'No time to chill'
#quote #scooter #bot

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The Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(k)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)

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Teurer Klimaschutz? - Schon gewusst? Jährliche Klimaschutz Investitionen 260 Mrd. € vs. EU-Coronahilfen (Feb - Mai 2020) 3390 Mrd. €. Was denk Ihr darüber? #ShareDichDrum #Weltumwelttag #WorldEnvironmentDay

hab grad bestellte fahrradteile geliefert bekommen - auf dem fahrrad, das war schön :)

just in case I get run over by a bus today, I don't want this to be left unsaid: I love Hans Zimmer ('s music. Thanks, man. makes me feel things.)

great. my uni plans on doing another semester mainly online. they however have no concept on how I am supposed to ad-hoc digitalize another semester, while still finding time to do research. or extend my contract based on that, anyway.. but, hey, welcome excuse why the phd won't work out down the line.

I realised that this is very anonymous social media for me, and that people might not / don't know where I stand.

I stand with the protests in spirit. and fuck the police state this pos is trying to propagate.

I really hope you fellow humans across the big pond will manage to transition into a better (, less racist) and more peaceful society, without further victims of violence and police brutality.

That took longer than expected from "Greatest, really the greatest, POTUS of all times" to "curfews in 40 (!) cities due to nationwide riots..

ich kriech ja schon immer hart pipi inne augen wenn ich höre.. unpraktisch, wenn man gerade frühstück macht O,o

nvm, @mastobikes, auf strava gibt's n knopf zur autokorrektur von distanzdaten und auch einen erklärartikel. eig. ganz interessant:

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sagt mal, kenn sich einer von euch eigentlich aus mit strecken-tracking, @mastobikes? Meine Fitbit (ohne GPS, aber mit dem Telefon verbunden) hat auf meiner letzten Runde ~35 km mitgeschnitten, bei Komoot sinds ~41km. Wat isset denn nun?

but then "my compiler keeps throwing errors" and "i therefore need more time" aren't great excuses for failing computer science homework.. guess I'll have steal time somewhere (my research time comes to mind) to make a "learn-reading-the-compiler feeback" learning path after all..

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I still have to figure out how to get the students with problems to ask questions. We offer a video chat based question hour, email support and an anonymous moodle forum, but either they're to proud or they start to late or I don't know.. with some exceptions they just don't ask questions, which makes it much harder to support them without presence based tutorials..

I really wanna go back to the office, having a dedicated working space, seeing my coworkers, having lunch at the canteen.. but then I really don't want the whole isolation thing to end prematurely, even though our area hasn't seen any cases in weeks..

Bad idea; Techbros don't do this 

@bgcarlisle I do time tracking (tasks and present time) at my place of work, and then evaluate: efficiency (time concretely tracked in tasks / time spent at work) and compliance (time spent at work / time contract says I work) for each week, to have indicators of how i did. the eye-tracking thing sounds *fantastic* (/s) to expand my personal work surveillance system.

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