@metaphil Uh, abgefahrene Zahlen. Ist das aus ner Bremen-spezifische Quelle? Wäre spannend, das mal auf den Bund gesehen zu betrachten. Aber ja, führt kein Weg dran vorbei an der Seuche :/


@Algot That was the first (of the not very many I've done so far) wordle I failed, didn't even know that word. So I guess I learned something :)

@bleeptrack that was very interesting to watch, thanks :D


@welshpixie yeah, tougth one :D more a question of a luck guess for me.


@dreamfluxx I do believe that aside from the social aspect (always have been there, yada yada) that is the main reason people are religious. It fills that void in the brain that fires all the why, how and purpose questions. I feel ya.

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@PorcusDivinus oh wow, das hat mich inspiriert in meinem Podcatcher nach einer solchen Statistik zu suchen, war mir vorher nicht in den Sinn gekommen. Danke für den Tipp, liebe solche Zahlen. Hab 27 Tage Podcasts und 2000 Fahrradkilometer durchlebt - und ansonsten bei einigermaßen mental health überlebt, würde ich sagen :D

@yarmo damn, as a confessing salt snack addict that sure seems very impressive to me. Good for you! I'd agree with other posters here though, bread can be very healthy. I believe it got a bad reputation due to the diet culture, because it is so dense in carb calories. But whatever works for you and your health journey :)

Erste Meldung zu 7 Minuten Verspätung durch Anschluss nach 18 Minuten Fahrt.

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@bgcarlisle haha, I can relate. Thankfully not in terms of temperature, though.

Wünscht mir Glück
Vor mir liegen knapp fünf Stunden Bahnreise, zweimal Umsteigen mit reichlich Pause, aber - es schneit.

@t0rt0i53 na in dem Fall Glückwunsch zum Geistesblitz :D

Do you have New Year's Eve traditions? Ever since I stopped working on that date or spend it in my home town getting wasted and shooting pyro I don't really make anything of the occasion. Not desperate to change that, but maybe there are nice traditions one could try, good festive events are nice after all.

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