Omi und Opi Grüßen ohne TdF Fahrer nach Hause zu schicken

Das erste Mal mit Taschen am alten Franzosen unterwegs @mastobikes_de Mal sehen, ob das fetzt :)

This is peak UI. You might not like it, but this is how peak design looks like. 🤦‍♂️

The age old tale of trying to get things to move that should but won't. Taking bets on how many hours/days of soaking this will take, before it opens to reveal its secrets.

Somehow I can't upload my sweet unboxing gifs, so here's the unpacked beauty

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After years of thinking about it I recently decided to purchase a split mechanical keyboard.. rather excited.

Prime evening entertainment cleaning probably 50 year old grease from a cottered crank. Does anyone have experience with eco friendly greasing solutions for bike bearings, @mastobikes? I have green oil eco grease at home, but they don't really suggest using it for such much moving scenarios like ball bearings.

Yeah, first sun burn of the year! Caught it on a bike ride around what is planned to turn into proper lake within the next 10 years, after it was a coal mine.

Erst Konferenz, dann Radreise. Bis Berlin muss beider Gepäck mit, für die Einzelreisen dann Gott sei Dank nur ein Satz Gepäck. Minimalismus kann ich.

First conference, then bike travelling. First leg I need to take both sets of luggage, then thankfully mutually exclusive.

Dienstreise! Urlaub!
Business trip! Holiday!

Ich hätte zuerst eine Werkbank bauen sollen..

Should've built a workbench first...

Ordered this gem more than two months ago, finally arrived <3

Leaving in the misty morning, came home to some train kitsch in the evening..

Well - it turned on. Now needs to do a full battery cycle. Cant wait to test the new battery life and thermals (also replaced thermal paste)..

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