@mariusor @mastobikes I thought about getting just that frame from 8bar as well. I see it's as pretty in the wild as it was on the marketing pics.

@chillja what convinced me to get this one was the availability. 8bar assembled and delivered it in under 3 weeks, when the average wait time for other companies is around 4-6 months. :(

As a sidenote, this frame is pretty, but it has a lot of custom bits and bobs that you might have trouble finding spares for. (Inlcluding an excentric bottom bracket)


@mariusor @mastobikes yeah, availability sucks. I eventually gave into my dark desires and got the Veloheld iconx titan frame and built it up myself. Did my first shake down ride yesterday :) the lack of standardisation in the bike industry is at times really frustrating. I ordered my frame with a replacement dérailleur hanger straight away, scared I won't be able to get a replacement if it rips.

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