I think I'll leave nixos. It's just been too efforty to learn for me (especially with the python/julia packages stuff I need for work), and installing something that isn't readily available just ist just a pita without that knowledge. I'm not sure where to go with my private setup though.. thought about elementary, but then I'm really stuck in my swaywm ways from work.. but then again I don't really need that in a private setup..

@chillja if you want something stable, I would suggest Fedora. I've been using it for my job with KDE plasma for the last 5-6 years without major issues.

For personal use I'm with Arch Linux with a very basic sway setup.

@calm_bomb Thanks for the input. I'm a bit sceptic as a buddy of mine keeps having issues with Fedora and drivers, which is why currently I'm leaning towards a ubuntu derivative, but then again the dvice for now is like 8 or 9 years old, so it should all be working fine x)

@chillja I have two thinkpads. T480 for work and W540 for personal stuff. No issues with drivers.

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