Blog is rather out of date, but if you're interested in what project armadillo is, it's a bike I'm restoring and you can find out more at

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@chillja 5-row sprocket, nice!

Can you recommend some "teach yourself bike repair" online materials? I was thinking about taking care of my bike too, but so far it's thinking (rarely), instead of getting the thing done. ;)

@pfm Well, the goto-encyclopaedia on the internet would be, somewhat of a legend in terms of bike knowledge on the internet. Other than that I'd probably just search for whatever you wanna do next, and learn whatever you currently need. There's plenty of videos on the web. First would definitely be cleaning and lubing the chain, I guess :) I can only recommend and encourage doing some maintance yourself.

@chillja I used to skim that site from time to time a long time ago. Thanks for reminding me about it!

@pfm If you're on an older bike (or in general, really), I also really like the videos of "RJ the bike guy" over on youtube, has helped me plenty on a couple of things with this project.

> 5-row sprocket, nice!

Yeah, it's quite old :D Also runs¹ on non-indexed shifting on the down tube. And full of weird french dimensions/standards.

¹ well, currently it definitely does not run at all x)

@chillja Same as mine! :blobfoxheart: Furthermore, mine has elliptical front gears! :blobfoxnerd:
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