i might be a cyborg but all my kit is trash and there’s no kit out there but trash. 0/10, would not recommend

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ghost in the shell is all about how shitty software is but all you hear is ooooh cyberbrains

unless you organize labor with ethics, you’ll only get villainous trash from exploited hands

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that’s all any of this is, villainous trash from exploited hands. i would say toss it in the ocean but littering is bad. throw it at your enemies instead. just be rid of it

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learn to code? become a welder instead, a flagger, a plumber, an iron- or steelworker. something with a union. something with training. something with safety standards. something with even the faintest structures for asserting ethics. there’s nothing for you behind software’s glamour but trauma and anguish.

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@garbados hummm..

surely.. there are some guilds and unions for coders?


@ahanon @garbados If not there really should be. Here in Germany we have unions we can join. I joined the one that unionizes workers in the services sector. (ver.di)

@ahanon @garbados I however understand the general point made in this thread. The industry is fucked up, based on the same revenue streams as most other big bad companies and not crafting anything physical quickly destroys any sense of value of work.

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