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New year goals:
1) finish master studies and start my position afterwards

2) start and finish maker projects. e.g. my artnet node, a mendocino motor.. generally start making stuff.

3) read more, read better.

4) consume less, especially useless stuff. reduce personal belongings.

5) dance more. go to more festivals. talk to more strangers.


Ich hin 29 und hatte noch nie eine Grippeimpfung. Sollte ich mir dieses Jahr eine holen? Gibbet überhaupt genug für "uns junge Leider"?

Uff, visiting my parents is always a stretch on the nerves. I live them, don't get me wrong, but the boomering is strong.

@thomas lange nicht mehr danke gesagt, (bin auch nicht viel hier, ehrlich gesagt), drum einfach mal danke :)

Freedom! self test finally came back negative this morning, after two days with barely visible lines. I'm released from quaranteening in the office. gosh darn that was long.

Tag 12 nach PCR, Tag 14 nach erstem Halskratzen, so langsam könnte der Schnelltest Mal negativ werden...

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It looks like I'm gonna have to find temp accomodation in Berlin sooner than I thought. If anyone knows anything hit me up 😅
(I know of the websites and all but I need a short term rental asap and don't have registration so that might prove complicated until I move)

Brace yourselves.. an der Stelle, danke @thomas und mein Beileid ob der nächsten Flut an neuen Nutzern.

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the closest i can get to the pomodoro technique is listening to vinyl records while working

Look at them cuties! Shame I forgot which pot I out where, don't even know what these are right now.

Hat irgendwer Tipps zum Urlaub in ? Anyone any hot tips for a trip to ?

Das erste Mal das Online-shopping und dann Abholen Feature von unserem lokalen Rewe genutzt, was dann ein Freund für uns abgeholt hat - wegen Quarantäne/Isolation. Schon angenehm unkompliziert.

Had to happen. My partner had a sore throat since Sunday, yesterday the tests were negative, today we had 3 positive rapid tests. Waiting for PCR, now isolating within the flat. Easy going for her so far, but the cat separated from her is going bonkers. I hope I'll manage to avoid catching it, but I'm not super optimistic.

Startet using an app focused on self care, that uses writing down reflections and stuff and a sorta gamified system to help you do good stuff for yourself, like stretching in the morning. It's a cute little penguin you're raising. Hope this helps me with my motivational struggles at work/PhD.

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Erste Meldung zu 7 Minuten Verspätung durch Anschluss nach 18 Minuten Fahrt.

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Wünscht mir Glück
Vor mir liegen knapp fünf Stunden Bahnreise, zweimal Umsteigen mit reichlich Pause, aber - es schneit.

Do you have New Year's Eve traditions? Ever since I stopped working on that date or spend it in my home town getting wasted and shooting pyro I don't really make anything of the occasion. Not desperate to change that, but maybe there are nice traditions one could try, good festive events are nice after all.

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