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New year goals:
1) finish master studies and start my position afterwards

2) start and finish maker projects. e.g. my artnet node, a mendocino motor.. generally start making stuff.

3) read more, read better.

4) consume less, especially useless stuff. reduce personal belongings.

5) dance more. go to more festivals. talk to more strangers.


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“I just searched for ‘unfortunately’ and ‘we regret to inform you’ in my email.”

Michigan State PhD student made a skirt using rejection letters she received through the course of her doctoral program while defending her dissertation last week.


@nomand Hey nomand! Any news on the pi-in-solar-keyboard project? All the best, me.

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Woah, erstes Mal ICE mit Reservierung - ist ja Hölle. Wozu sind die Wägen nummeriert, wenn die Wagenreihung eh nicht stimmt und ausgerechnet der entsprechende Wagen nicht ausgezeichnet ist. Aber immerhin einmal den Zug abgemessen.

Erst Konferenz, dann Radreise. Bis Berlin muss beider Gepäck mit, für die Einzelreisen dann Gott sei Dank nur ein Satz Gepäck. Minimalismus kann ich.

First conference, then bike travelling. First leg I need to take both sets of luggage, then thankfully mutually exclusive.

Dienstreise! Urlaub!
Business trip! Holiday!

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are you a normal distribution

Yay, it went fine :D was stressful as hell though, looking forward to getting better in a number of aspects by that.

Good lord, that was a long day. tomorrow I'll be "instructing" my first workout as an "instructor" for a team-oriented HIIT fitness class, and I gotta admit - I'm quite nervous. It's a lot to manage with intervals, explanations, correction, motivation, and so on and so forth...

As someone who codes near exclusively at work I've been intrigued by the idea of having an at-home coding project. And one that has been popping up forever is a health and sports data harbour solution. Something to put all your nice datas in that you get say from your scale, your blood sugar device, your fitbit etc.. and maybe, just for the fun of it, I could try to get a prototype working with Tim Berners Lee's SOLID stuff. Still a good idea, curious whether anything will really happen there..

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BillyBoy hat gerade einen Produktrückruf. Informiert euch bitte, falls ihr Kondome dieser Firma habt.

Ich hätte zuerst eine Werkbank bauen sollen..

Should've built a workbench first...

I treated myself to a Nintendo Switch yesterday in order to play Spyro Reignited, a game I loved as a child (and some other games down the line..). While it is as proprietary as it can get, i can't help but admire this little piece of technology. The whole switching aspect I is simply genius.

To evaluate so far: I got (1) done. doing really bad on (3). Bought lots of stuff from my new income, but most things had it long coming and there wasn't really any useless stuff. So that's okay I guess. Making progress on (2), but slowly. Need to get my game up on (5).

mein erstes taktisches Wählen hat sich aber leider nicht gelohnt.. Spring-Räumschüssel wird leider ab sofort meine Direktvertretung im brandenburgischen Landtag sein -.-

Nachdem ich gestern in arge Schwermut verfallen bin, möchte ich den heutigen Montag mit der Botschaft beginnen, dass sich vorerst die AfD weder in Brandenburg noch in Sachsen in Regierungsverantwortung befindet. Und das ist ein Lichtblick inmitten der traurigen (aber vorhersehbaren) Ergebnisse.

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