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New year goals:
1) finish master studies and start my position afterwards

2) start and finish maker projects. e.g. my artnet node, a mendocino motor.. generally start making stuff.

3) read more, read better.

4) consume less, especially useless stuff. reduce personal belongings.

5) dance more. go to more festivals. talk to more strangers.


during my run I heard the severely depressing episode on google android tracking by lunduke.. ürgh.. really makes you want to run something else.

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The landing of the first stage booster is eery, amazing and touching.

Bin gestern noch spontan auf den hypetrain mit aufgesprungen und habe Anno 1800 beta-angezockt. Als jemand der nach Anno 1602 direkt aufgegeben hat, weil es dem sehr jungen mir damals zu schwer war, muss ich sagen das hat echt Bock gemacht hat. Auch wenn ich noch nicht so richtig gut bin :D

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The algorithm used to produce todays image of a black hole was created by Katie Bouman as part of her research using emerging computational methods to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary imaging.

CW: Eye contact

It really is a pity that Stephen Hawking didn't get to see that space donut picture. What an epic picture:

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mein display is irgendwie nich hell genug..

How's one supposed to understand the fe**ing control flow, when return statements are encapsuled in MACROS... argh.

Great. Testing some CSP instances on my macbook, gave the jvm 10 gigs, ran out of heap space, collected a 17 gig heap dump. Try to open the heap dump, get an out-of-memory error msg from eclipse. >.<

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