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Tech writer: mastodon will never kill twitter

Mastodon users: meh, that's okay, all I ever really wanted was a place where I wouldn't be relentlessly attacked by nazis, ads or nazi ads

Tech writer: and therefore Mastodon sucks and is doomed to perpetual failure

Mastodon users: maybe you want to double-check your metrics of success, bud

Tech writer: dooooooooooooooooomed!

@sargoth the descentralized nature of gnu social, mastodon, diaspora and others make it easier for trolls and nazi trolls to appear over here, and we'll end building a web-of-trust (toot-of-trust? TooOT?) someday, surely, but I agree.

The distributed web has way more potential than isolated business-owned models.

Cebeer - Moved @cebeer

@fermuch @sargoth Î would say without any Ads. (doesnt matter if they are from nazis or other extremists right-left)

The only Thing that is possible are hidden Ads. (Account Posts)

That is one of the bootiful Things about Mastodon/Gnusocial.

If a User is trolling -> Block and thats it.

Trolls are on every Platform. Ignoring them is the best way ^^