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all it needed was some love (and lots of soap). i didn't even notice there was a two-tone-design going on before. 😁

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Listening to Logic Ravaged by Brute Force / Napalm Death while automating clouds... 🤘

We're running Mastodon 3.1.1 now on :-) 🤘

Do not use closed source crypto stuff. You will not know who and what you are dealing with.

In their operation "Rubicon" the CIA and their german counterpart BND owned the swiss company Crypto AG. They sold cryptographic equipement to other countries, backdoor included. Then thy spied on their customers.

announced a new album releasing in april. so much to look out for this year.


Stunning new Street Art by Julia Volchkova in Georgetown, Malaysia.

I really miss Georgetown. Working and living there was a great experience. I look back nostalgically.

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