Great new track by Converge in collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe / Stephen Brodsky

Bloodmoon: I from Converge & Chelsea Wolfe

@tuxedocomputers becomes a KDE Patron! TUXEDO Computers builds and provides Linux-powered computers and notebooks. From now on, the company will support KDE to ensure we can carry on making great software.

A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.

Fediverse platforms should let users know which platform was from which account because domain names are often confusing. For example: If an account is registered on PeerTube, Mastodon would assign a tag to the account called "PeerTube account". Same way with other platforms, and vice versa. I think this needs to be in ActivityPub's code. Favorite and boost if you think this would be a great idea! 👍

@bacardi55 can't wait for Firefox to re-integrate RSS/Atom support, which *they spearheaded* and then *they themselves removed*.

I am still angry about this. Their reasons were "user testing shows people don't click the RSS button often".

Yeah, no shit. Perhaps that's because one clicks it *once* for sites that one wants to follow? And then never again for that site?


Hi! This is the official #Bookwyrm account. Bookwyrm is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). Post about your reading and stuff! You can interact with Mastodon users and vice versa. We are going to toot development news and more.
List of instances

We are extremely proud to announce that #Wesenwille will perform at the virtual edition of #roadburnfestival, which will take place from April 16th to 18th!
Their show will be accessible for free on the #Roadburn Redux website:

Meanwhile, you can listen to their new album 'II: A Material God' on #Bandcamp:

#ladlo #festival #blackmetal #nantes

@kithop A “show-all-feeds” bookmarklet can be helpful when the RSS feed is only advertised in the page source but not displayed:



Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Surprised to see no one (including myself) posted anything about the passing of LG Petrov. Entombed was a big influence on me as a teenager and always loved their music. I was lucky enough to see them in Oslo in 2009 with the original band and later on as Entombed A.D.

Rest in peace, chief rebel angel!

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