@thibaultamartin I would suggest Brother as they have good linux support, are long lasting and I had no issues with any of them during the last 5 years.

#borgbackup 1.1.13 released!

Including fixes for a major memory leak and improved FUSE read speed.


Same as 1.1.12 + cythonized with a py38 compatible cython.

#backup #linux #freebsd #netbsd #openbsd #macos #openindiana #python

@amolith I tried to check my news today on your tt-rss instance and it seems it doesn't connect to the database:
Exception while creating PDO object:SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

The Librem Mini - Small, Light and Powerful


- Disabled and neutralized Intel Management Engine
- Detect hardware and software tampering
- Full disk encryption
- Free, private, secure and stable GNU/Linux

#privacy #security #linux #LibremMini

This is really cool to see: in addition to SimpleLogin, another email cloaking provider, AnonAddy, now has detailed self-hosting instructions.

- Instructions: github.com/simple-login/app#se
- More: simplelogin.io

- Instructions: github.com/anonaddy/anonaddy/b
- More: anonaddy.com


Google is deleting YouTube comments including the word "共匪" within about 30 seconds of being posted. The word means "communist bandits" and is often used in comments critical of the Chinese government.

Source: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2



@purple The more I use beets, the more features/plugins I find that I've been missing for so long. It makes managing my music so much easier

#Lemmy #federation update:

We now have working federated mentions, and notifications in our test builds, woohoo! Test em out here:


#fediverse #activitypub #reddit

I think we need to start supporting text-only news site, or use them as much as possible.

Here are two of my favourites. (Still looking for tech sites)




@zachdecook @BrendanEich@mastodon.social fuck Brave and fuck Brenden Eich

Whatever your Android app for accessing the Fediverse, you can use #NitterizeMe for sharing links. It will help you to transform Twitter, YouTube or Instagram links into a URL of a front-end instance (Nitter, Invidious, Bibliogram) that respects the user's privacy.
As a bonus, it will resolve redirects without visiting the site.

Available on F-Droid: f-droid.org/packages/app.fedil

We are now approved as an organization on github sponsors: github.com/sponsors/f-droid

We only have mirrors of our repositories on github, but if using github sponsors is a convenient way to donate to projects for you, feel free to use this.

The funds will be contributed to our #opencollective without any additional fees.

You can also find other options to donate here f-droid.org/donate/

What Android Mastodon client are you using? I'm sick of the latest Tusky update. It's become increasingly annoying with the touch sensitivity bug.

Remember, folks: Oracle is a horrible company:

(birdsite link)

"In a corporate blog yesterday, Oracle attacked 83 computer scientists (including 13 Turing Award winners) who signed an amicus brief defending our right to reimplement APIs, on the grounds that some of us accepted research grants from Google."



I don't watch all of Joe Rogan's podcasts but I do like the format that allows for a really deep dive (1hr 35) into a topic. Michael Osterholm is a US public health and bio-security expert and does a good job breaking down a complex topic: youtube.com/watch?v=E3URhJx0NS #jre #covid19

@Tusky how do we get an old version back? I feel like I'm using a retarded application since the last update. I read what the problem is, but I don't think waiting for the upstream library to fix things is a solution. I prefer old stable software to buggy new versions. Thanks!

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