I've been keeping an alternate mastodon account on fosstodon.org - I'm still a metalhead and always will be, but I'm also an avid FOSS user and I see more action on that instance. So, if you want to follow me (I don't have much to say, just lurk), I'm @clmbmb

Great first live concert after two years of waiting! Celeste and Conjurer ripped in Bucharest!

<message><body>Hello Fediverse!</body></message>

Your favourite #XMPP server now has an official Fediverse account! (operated by developers @mattj and @zash).

Followers can expect news, release announcements and other interesting stuff relating to Prosody and XMPP.

By the way, it's nice to hear that you missed metalhead.club during the downtime.

That shows me that you like it and that my efforts are worth it :)

Listening to the new Cult of Luna album. Sounds impressive. These guys didn't get a break from releasing great albums for at least 10 years.

We are proud to announce that the first beta version of #Tusky 16 has been released!
It was a long time in the making, mostly due to the redesign of the timeline code. It should just behave like the old one, but be faster, less buggy, and, most importantly, way easier to maintain. That means we will be able to deliver new features faster!

KDE would like to thank our "good" friends at Neowin for their contribution to this year's April Fools' joke.

Unfortunately they missed the memo (again!) as there are still two months to go until April 1st 🤡.

@Aarkon yes! Follow, but don't subscribe to their mailinglist (I think opt-out). That what you'll only be notified about new releases, you won't receive all messages.

Hey Fedi!
We're new here, so here's an
Our exists since 2002, we have live shows 📻, prerecorded shows 🥫, sometimes live concerts 🎸 and band interviews. Mostly in german, but at least one english show is on a regular schedule.
There's a playlist running when there's no show.
Music varies from to and everything in between.

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Check out Maui Shell, a beautiful and classy KDE graphical environment that will work on your desktop, tablet and phone.


Self-proclaimed tech gurus tend to not mention the real good stuff. Why would they mention Mastodon with its many instances?
I remember the same kind of tech gurus predicted the death of IRC when these popular messenger services - MSN, AIM and Yahoo - were in. Now these messengers are all down, but some of us are still hanging out on IRC. Because there are still many enthusiasts who run IRC servers. I am very thankful.

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