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Good morning to all, metal heads and everyone else. Here’s something a little different to start you off this week. Some Mongolian folk-metal from The Hu. Enjoy 🤘

Good morning my metal brothers and sisters. If you’re a radical or have radical sympathies, take this record for a spin and see how it fits. Have a lovely day all 🤘.

Good morning all. I task you all today with checking out this very underrated band.

Well, apparently some people consider them to be Behemoth clones. I disagree. In fact I think I might prefer Sulphur Aeon to Behemoth (yes, blasphemy. Sorry, not sorry).

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Who's heard of Sulphur Aeon? I'm guessing a few of you since they are German. I hadn't heard of them until a few weeks ago and cannot stop listening to their two albums. I dig the whole Cthulhu mythos theme, and their music is just so fitting. I can't understand why they aren't more popular?
If you haven't heard them, do yourself a favour and check them out. 🤘

What a great record this was!
From 1984 release “Psalm 9”, here’s Christian doom band Trouble with a cover of the Cream classic. 🤘

It’s Friday! Thank Dog!
Kicking it off a bit mellow (relatively) with All Hail The Yeti...
Then, once I know I’m alive, cranking to ensure a full state of wakefulness with Immolation (yes, that’s Max Cavalera guesting).
Have a very metal day and a wonderful weekend everyone 🤘🤓🤘

Good morning all. Kicking off the day with some Barren Earth. If you like Opeth and the like give this a spin.
Have a very metal day 🤘😁🤘

It’s time!
To get off the treadmill. Just a few more years...
To all of us on the great treadmill, have a great day regardless. 🤘

#auspol lamentation 

Well I despair for my country.

Clearly the living conditions of the destitute, and refugees don't matter to my fellow citizens.
Neither does the plight of our planet, or even just our little corner of it.

This election has once again been won not by the Liberal/National Coalition, but by Murdoch and his undue sway over the media, and by the small mindedness of my fellow citizens.

The only good thing to come from this was the end of Tony Abbott.


Happy Friday everyone. I’m kicking off my favourite work day with some black metal from a very underrated band - Noctem.

Some of you may have figured out that I’m a massive Black Sabbath tragic. I’m also particularly fond of bands that pull off exceptional covers of Sabbath classics. Thus one has to be my favourite. Behold! Brown Sabbath performing Fairies Wear Boots.

For the new parents/grandparents among us. Here’s an album to soothe your little baby to sleep while also introducing them to the classics. No one is too young to start listening to Black Sabbath.

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