1/6: I’d like to introduce myself to you all. As a newcomer that’s the polite thing to do.
Those that know me are familiar with my love of Heavy Metal. But since I’m new here I’ll try and explain just how deep that feeling runs. Since I was a lad this music has been much more than a mere stylistic accoutrement, a fashion choice that I haven't grown out of. For me Metal is a total way of life, an all consuming passion that possesses me from the moment I wake to the end of the day.

2/6: It inspires, invigorates and motivates me. It fills me with an inexplicable joy and makes me happy to be alive. I listen to it while I'm shaving, and on the way to work, and at work, and on the way back again. I love talking about favourite bands and songs with fellow metalhead. I love reading about it whether on the net or in magazines. When I encounter someone new and find that they also share this love its like finding a long lost family member, another member of the tribe.

3/6: I love picking up the bass and cranking it up! Bring on distortion, overdrive and feedback! I love all forms of Metal, from NWOBHM, to thrash, to black, to doom, to stoner, to classic hard rock - I love it all! Give me Accept's "Shake Your Head", Cthonic's "Forty-nine Theurgy Chains", and Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love". Let me read Heavy Music and Metal Hammer. Let me recount days of yore at great gigs past, and youthful savings spent on the latest import at Metal For Melbourne.

4/6: I greet each day with an uplifting quote and start work with the most important task - choosing which album to kick off with. I can understand how gay people must feel when they’re told "it's only a lifestyle choice”. They are being told by some dickhead to deny who they are. When others look at this bald, bespectacled, middle-aged man wearing black band T-shirts and laugh, or tell me to "grow up" or merely shake their heads in disdain, my blood runs hot and my anger starts to rise.

5/6: Metal is in my DNA. I could no more deny it than cut my arms off. I tell no-one else what to listen to or how to behave. My love of Metal takes nothing away from anyone. So all the “sophisticates” and haters can FOAD! Thanks to the bands that bring joy to my life. Thanks to Black Sabbath for the eternal inspiration, to the local bands jamming away, to Metallica (of old), Slayer, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden for my upbringing. Thanks to Manowar and Abbath for the true metal laughs.

6/6: I’m grateful to the ‘80s shop “Metal for Melbourne”, which gave us outcasts a home, and connected us to the rest of the world before the internet was a thing. I’m grateful to my old school friends that I still jam with at least once a year. I’m grateful to every fan of Heavy Metal everywhere. Having escaped from the clutches of Facebook years ago, I’m looking forward to meeting you all here at You all rock! Peace, Mick. \m/

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