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1/6: I’d like to introduce myself to you all. As a newcomer that’s the polite thing to do.
Those that know me are familiar with my love of Heavy Metal. But since I’m new here I’ll try and explain just how deep that feeling runs. Since I was a lad this music has been much more than a mere stylistic accoutrement, a fashion choice that I haven't grown out of. For me Metal is a total way of life, an all consuming passion that possesses me from the moment I wake to the end of the day.

Into The Electric Castle (20th Anniversary Edition) from Ayreon -

I listened to this album a few days back and I was really thrilled by the audio quality and the mix! Can really recommend to listen to it in surround and on big speakers. It's a completely different experience.

No, not even your 5,000 Dollar headphones will do. It's not the same.

What a great record this was!
From 1984 release “Psalm 9”, here’s Christian doom band Trouble with a cover of the Cream classic. 🤘

It’s Friday! Thank Dog!
Kicking it off a bit mellow (relatively) with All Hail The Yeti...
Then, once I know I’m alive, cranking to ensure a full state of wakefulness with Immolation (yes, that’s Max Cavalera guesting).
Have a very metal day and a wonderful weekend everyone 🤘🤓🤘

Good morning all. Kicking off the day with some Barren Earth. If you like Opeth and the like give this a spin.
Have a very metal day 🤘😁🤘

Please don't demand content warnings from strangers. Content warnings are a sort of social contract between an author and their followers; if you are not happy with how someone chooses to use them, do not follow that person or outright mute them, or mute words.

One of the most alienating experiences on Mastodon I've observed is when someone posts about something they're passionate about or is part of their identity and the first response is "please cw that" from a complete stranger.


It’s time!
To get off the treadmill. Just a few more years...
To all of us on the great treadmill, have a great day regardless. 🤘

#auspol lamentation 

Happy Friday everyone. I’m kicking off my favourite work day with some black metal from a very underrated band - Noctem.

Some of you may have figured out that I’m a massive Black Sabbath tragic. I’m also particularly fond of bands that pull off exceptional covers of Sabbath classics. Thus one has to be my favourite. Behold! Brown Sabbath performing Fairies Wear Boots.

For the new parents/grandparents among us. Here’s an album to soothe your little baby to sleep while also introducing them to the classics. No one is too young to start listening to Black Sabbath.

To celebrate the first ever direct image of a black hole obtained this week, enjoy Watain’s “Stellarvore”. 🤘
Have a good weekend all.

Jason Newsted seems like a pretty intense fellow. Whatever happened to him? 🤔

Good morning all! I’m currently freezing my bits off on the way to work. What to do? Raise the temperature with some !
Have a great day everyone 🤘😁🤘

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~ Edward Stanley

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