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*squeezes face up against window* Package WHEN???????????

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Update: I caved and bought a tablet, you absolute monsters. 😛

Ended up going for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite because I wanted something with a pressure-sensitive stylus for doing digital art. Let's see if this helps me get my art juices flowing again!

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@apeiro Eyyy moin! Seid ihr hier noch aktiv bzw. gibt es euch noch? Hier ist die Gitarristin von Ascendency, wir haben vor 2 Jahren mal zusammen in Osna gespielt. Schön, euch auch hier im Fediverse zu sehen! 😊

(Been picking on one on-and-off over the past few weeks but it refuses to actually come along the way I expect it to, which is kinda frustrating. 😛 But I'll get there, I swear!)

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What do you mean in order to make a new Carcinizer song appear I actually have to sit down and play? Outrageous!!!

Throwback to that one time we were booked to play at a death metal club for some reason and the other bands ended up dividing the payment amongst each other and we didn't get to see a single cent. I'm appalled at their way of treating fellow musicians.

I wonder to this day if the club owner meant to book the Danish Ascendency (who actually do death metal but were formed 10 years after us) but just didn't know how to internet. 🤭

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Heute aus Versehen hungrig eingekauft und den 1-Liter-Eimer Schoko-Haselnuss-Pudding von der Kaufland-Eigenmarke mit nach Hause genommen (YOLO) und es schmeckt einfach exakt wie das braune Zeug in Monte?????? surprised_pikachu.jpg

10/10 würde empfehlen

Great, thanks to y'all's lovely replies to my last toot now I low-key want a tablet myself. How dare you? 😄

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I really want to like tablets, but I have yet to find a use for them. Why would I need a device that's basically just an oversized smartphone?

Everything I do, I can either do on my phone or on my PC or laptop. To be fair, my laptop is convertible so I can draw on it, but it's still a computer with a computer OS and an infrastructure that's not just compatible with its own kind. Maybe I'm missing something, tough?

If you own a tablet, what do you use it for and what do you love about it? 🙂

If you're into Ghost, comment with your favorite song! I'd love to listen more closely and give them another chance.

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At the risk of sounding like a metal snob, I don't quite get the hype about Ghost. They've been introduced to me as "the Pink Floyd of metal", so I checked out their latest albums but found nothing remarkable for my taste, let alone anything that even remotely reminded me of Pink Floyd.

I assume they're specifically making metal for a target group that doesn't like metal, and everyone who has never listened to metal before celebrates them like the New Big Thing? I don't know. What am I missing?

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Putting framed quotes meant for the kitchen in the bathroom.

Kinda reluctant to start uploading on my because I know they're planning an import feature for old Instagram posts and I'd like to use it, but will the posts be backdated to their original dates? 🤔 Or will they all have the upload date from the day they are imported, and hence will be shown as newer than anything I'd upload now?

I'd really prefer my feed to remain chronological, so I guess I better sit this one out just in case they're not backdated.

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Your #Android phone has a so-called Google advertising ID*, a unique number for your device. Using that, #tracking companies follow and record what you do on your phone, even across apps from different companies.

Luckily, you can now disable the advertising ID to make it harder for them to track you. We recommend doing this to everyone. Here's how it works.

*Unless of course, you’re using a google-free #LineageOS, #GrapheneOS or similar. :)

#privacy #dataprotection #advertisingid #gaid

Made a new account on since my one has turned entirely useless, as it no longer federates with any of my mutuals' accounts.

Apparently I'm the only one experiencing this, so I assume my account somehow managed to shit itself into oblivion. I hope this'll "solve" the issue because I'd really like to see my mutuals' posts.

You can now find me at @sciasm. Sorry for the inconvenience. :ablobcatcoffee:

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Hey Mastodon-Bubble, gibt es unter euch (Senior-)UI-Designer*innen im Bereich Mobile-Design, die Bock auf einen vernünftigen Arbeitgeber und ein nices Team in Dortmund, Paderborn, Münster oder Köln haben? :breadpeek:

Question about Pixelfed @pixelfedde @dansup I'm so sorry about tagging y'all in here but I'm not sure how else to address this. 🙈

I seem to have encountered a privacy issue in which Pixelfed users who follow Mastodon accounts can view and interact with private direct messages sent by those Mastodon accounts to other Mastodon accounts (see thread). Is this a known issue? Sorry again for bothering you. 😓

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Question about Pixelfed 

@pixelfed Addendum: I just found another DM addressed at my Mastodon account on my Pixelfed timeline that has a like by another user who was not part of the private conversation. So it might not be my account(s) in particular, but a general security issue. 😮

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Question about Pixelfed 

Hey @pixelfed, I'm following a couple of Mastodon accounts from my and just saw that on my Pixelfed timeline I can see a direct message from a followed Mastodon user that was addressed at my Mastodon account. I have the same username on both platforms, so maybe something's not federating the way it should – unless I'm missing something?

Just wanted to let you know in case it's something you might wanna look into! 🙂

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