@mopani I'd personally go with the Ko-fi shop. They do take small cuts if you're not a Gold member, but you don't have to constantly renew your listings like on freakin' Etsy.

Hey Mastodon-Bubble, gibt es unter euch (Senior-)UI-Designer*innen im Bereich Mobile-Design, die Bock auf einen vernünftigen Arbeitgeber und ein nices Team in Dortmund, Paderborn, Münster oder Köln haben? :breadpeek:


Question about Pixelfed 

@thopan I tried, but couldn't find anything, so I decided to contact them this way. Fingers crossed!

Question about Pixelfed 

@pixelfed@mastodon.social @PixelFed@pixelfed.social @pixelfedde @dansup I'm so sorry about tagging y'all in here but I'm not sure how else to address this. 🙈

I seem to have encountered a privacy issue in which Pixelfed users who follow Mastodon accounts can view and interact with private direct messages sent by those Mastodon accounts to other Mastodon accounts (see thread). Is this a known issue? Sorry again for bothering you. 😓

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@machinesbleedtoo I really dig the concept of him walking on his wings; I'd love to see a walking cycle of him sometime!

@t0rt0i53 Ich auch. 🙄 Falls es soweit kommen sollte, drücke ich die Daumen, dass sie es auf eigene Kosten wieder mitnehmen.

@t0rt0i53 Urggghhhh, Klassiker. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Was für ein Käse! Hast du wenigstens eine schriftliche Stornierungsbestätigung bekommen, auf die du dich beziehen kannst?

Question about Pixelfed 

@pixelfed Addendum: I just found another DM addressed at my Mastodon account on my Pixelfed timeline that has a like by another user who was not part of the private conversation. So it might not be my account(s) in particular, but a general security issue. 😮

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Question about Pixelfed 

Hey @pixelfed, I'm following a couple of Mastodon accounts from my and just saw that on my Pixelfed timeline I can see a direct message from a followed Mastodon user that was addressed at my Mastodon account. I have the same username on both platforms, so maybe something's not federating the way it should – unless I'm missing something?

Just wanted to let you know in case it's something you might wanna look into! 🙂

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Neues aus der Flüstertüte!

Lovecrafter Online – Carcinizer, ein cthuloides, weibliches Solo-Doom-Projekt

Nach etwas längerer Pause haben wir wieder etwas Musikalisches für eure Ohren und angegriffenen Bewusstseine im Angebot. Vor einer Weile stieß ich auf Mastodon auf eine sympathische Nutzerin, die mit ihrem Soloprojekt Carcinizer auf harten…


@ephemeromorph I cook my rice like pasta: Fill a pot with water and throw the rice in once the water is boiling. I keep forgetting how many cups of water go with how many cups of rice, so fuck all of that entirely.

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