Remnants of an ancient civilization. A -inspired landscape created with ; the silhouette of a person was added manually for dramatic effect.

(Marked as sensitive for possible trypophobia.)

(I can't put the images on my website under a sensitive media warning, so if lovecraftian horrors and/or the concept of in general make you uncomfortable, you might want to skip this one.)

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Wrote a little blog entry about , my tool of choice when it comes to the generation of .

It's nothing new if you've been following me over the past weeks or are familiar with the concept; I just felt like documenting my process in a way.

You can read it here:

A gorgeous cyberpunk place I got out of . I'm totally in love with the vibe! Might use this as a background for a future illustration.

That said, here's what you can expect:

🫥 Media I'll mark as sensitive:
– Potential triggers for common phobias (e. g. spiders, violence, body horror, trypophobia)

🫣 Stuff I'll put under a content warning:
– Potentially uncomfortable textual topics (e. g. health-related stuff, opinions, Birdsite mentions, memes)

🏷️ I'll tag art containing potential niche triggers with , or so I don't have to fully hide it but y'all can block the tags if need be.

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