Extremely glad I get to exist at the same time as Marc Rebillet :blobrainbow: 🦩

(CN: flashing lights)

I AM already following interesting people lmao please just show their posts I'm begging you

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Remnants of an ancient civilization. A -inspired landscape created with ; the silhouette of a person was added manually for dramatic effect.

(Marked as sensitive for possible trypophobia.)

A gorgeous cyberpunk place I got out of . I'm totally in love with the vibe! Might use this as a background for a future illustration.

Heads-up to my fellow metalheads: I have a female-fronted, lovecraftian-themed solo project called Carcinizer!

You can check out my debut song "The Day It Came from the Sky" on Bandcamp:

🎧 carcinizer.bandcamp.com

Enjoy! 🤘🦀🤘

Hi, I'm Sciasm, an artist, musician and UI designer from Germany!

I like to draw cartoon creatures, fiddle around with AI-generated art, play pen & paper RPGs and listen to industrial music and doom metal. I play in a post-hardcore band and two solo projects.

I grew up on LiveJournal and DeviantArt where I was adopted and raised by furries. I'm beyond done with popular social media and happy to be here!

🌐 bestiaexmachina.com


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