I really want to like tablets, but I have yet to find a use for them. Why would I need a device that's basically just an oversized smartphone?

Everything I do, I can either do on my phone or on my PC or laptop. To be fair, my laptop is convertible so I can draw on it, but it's still a computer with a computer OS and an infrastructure that's not just compatible with its own kind. Maybe I'm missing something, tough?

If you own a tablet, what do you use it for and what do you love about it? 🙂

Great, thanks to y'all's lovely replies to my last toot now I low-key want a tablet myself. How dare you? 😄

Update: I caved and bought a tablet, you absolute monsters. 😛

Ended up going for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite because I wanted something with a pressure-sensitive stylus for doing digital art. Let's see if this helps me get my art juices flowing again!

*squeezes face up against window* Package WHEN???????????


My tablet arrived, and oh my GOD Infinite Painter is SO GOOD??? I've been drawing in Photoshop for the past 20 years with just the basic tools and I'm completely blown away by the quality of Infinite Painter's simulation of traditional brushes.

And it even automatically saves time lapses of your artwork! Well I know what kind of channel I'm adding to my PeerTube next. :awesome:

I also tried Krita but can't seem to warm up to it; as much as I love the familiar, Photoshop-esque UI, it feels like a direct port from PC and hence quite clumsy to use. Probably just a matter of getting used to it; it's a great app. I wanted to try something tablet-specific, though.

Another one I tried was Clip Studio Paint because I own a license for it, but turns out those only work for the PC version and you have to pay an additional monthly fee to use it on your tablet. LMAO no thanks. 🚮

Yeah infinite painter's my favorite too and pretty close to procreate
I hope they fix krita to be less desktop like, but at least this one has gesture rotation

@bestiaexmachina I'm so addicted to the vector ink tools and stabilization in CSP though....

@hax Oh man that sounds so nice! I wish I could install it lmao BUT ALAS

Never installed it for PC either despite buying a license ages ago. I had trouble with their dumbass dual account system at some point and couldn't be assed. Had Photoshop anyway so I kept using that instead. Now I wish I would've tried it! It's never too late I guess haha

@bestiaexmachina I used it exclusively on my Surface Pro 3 before I sold it. The same options are in there on PC

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