Hey Fediverse, I'm looking for a easy-to-use cloud solution for my boomer parents to store photos taken with their phones.

– Images must be accessible on Android phone and Windows PC as local folders (no browser app)
– Must show up as a gallery folder (no standalone app) on their phone into which they can simply move their images

I'd do the initial setup of course, I'd just like them to be able to synchronize images with their PC via gallery without having to jump through hoops.

Any ideas? 🙏


Status quo: They're currently just emailing pictures to themselves so they can open and save them on their PC. I'm sure there's an easier solution.

(I'm aware that Nearby Share and connecting your phone to the PC exist, both qualify as jumping through hoops, though. All I want is a simple gallery folder for them to shove stuff into, no extra clicks.)

So far I'm only familiar with standalone apps like IONOS HiDrive, which is too difficult to use for them, so I'm grateful for suggestions.

@bestiaexmachina If there is enough space on the phone to keep all the original photos, Syncthing could work. Theoretically, after the initial setup it would never need to be touched again on either the phone or the computer.

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