Hey Fediverse, I'm looking for a easy-to-use cloud solution for my boomer parents to store photos taken with their phones.

– Images must be accessible on Android phone and Windows PC as local folders (no browser app)
– Must show up as a gallery folder (no standalone app) on their phone into which they can simply move their images

I'd do the initial setup of course, I'd just like them to be able to synchronize images with their PC via gallery without having to jump through hoops.

Any ideas? 🙏

Status quo: They're currently just emailing pictures to themselves so they can open and save them on their PC. I'm sure there's an easier solution.

(I'm aware that Nearby Share and connecting your phone to the PC exist, both qualify as jumping through hoops, though. All I want is a simple gallery folder for them to shove stuff into, no extra clicks.)

So far I'm only familiar with standalone apps like IONOS HiDrive, which is too difficult to use for them, so I'm grateful for suggestions.

Update: Holy crab, thank you for all your fantastic input! :blobcatheart:

Thanks to your suggestions, I'll be going with Syncthing; it pretty much fulfills everything we need.

I'm also Nextcloud-curious, but will try that some other time (for this issue it feels more like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut). Will tweak Syncthing here and there to suit my parents' needs, and then we're good to go.

Thank you so much, everyone, I super appreciate you taking the time to help me! 🙏

@bestiaexmachina not sure if it meets all your requirements, but maybe check out Syncthing (which actually does not use any cloud storage, but syncs the files 1:1 from the source device)

@thomas That sounds awesome! If not for my parents (since I'm not sure it works with a gallery folder), then at least for me. 😄 Will look into it, thank you!

@thomas @bestiaexmachina I was gonna suggest syncthing, too. It keeps folders synced between devices. Point it to the gallery folder on the phone and pair that with the pictures folder on Windows, for example. Optionally, set the phone to send-only and the PC to receive-only, if a one-way-street situation is desirable.

@thomas @bestiaexmachina keep in mind tho, the phone and PC must be turned on at the same time in order for the files to sync. There's no intermediate cloud storage, the devices connect directly to each other.

@spinlock @thomas Ah, that answers one of the questions marks above my head, thank you! It would be okay, though. The PC is usually on during the day so they won't even notice, hahaha.

@spinlock You can set it to one-way? Awesome, that would be perfect!

I can't seem to find the setting for that; could you please point me to it, if you have the time? Thank you so, so much! 🙏

@bestiaexmachina which app do you use? I'm aware of two Android apps, don't want to tell you the wrong thing

@spinlock Oh you know what, I just found it in this very second! (I'm on the F-Droid Syncthing app for Android.)

Turns out you have to set it specifically for each folder, but I was wrongly looking for it in the device settings. I'm all good to go now, thank you kindly! 🙏

@bestiaexmachina I could have phrased that more precisely in the original toot 🙈

@spinlock Oh, please don't worry about it at all! 😊 If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't know about it to this day, so I super appreciate it!

@schenklklopfer @bestiaexmachina when using Nextcloud for Sync, I recommend FolderSync for Android. The Nextcloud App on Android is buggy as hell.

@bestiaexmachina If there is enough space on the phone to keep all the original photos, Syncthing could work. Theoretically, after the initial setup it would never need to be touched again on either the phone or the computer.

@bestiaexmachina syncthing, super easy, auf PC installieren und auf Android, einstellen das nur bei WLAN läuft und tutti. Kostenlos und sicher.
@bestiaexmachina am besten noch beide Handies der Boomer miteinander synchronisieren (wenn die das wollen). Kannst auch noch auf Deinen PC synchronisieren ohne das du die Bilder anschauen kannst (verschlüsselt gespeichert) dann gibt es nen Backup).

I prefer using a managed Nextcloud. My Android phone uploads the new photos as soon as i get connected to wifi.

@bestiaexmachina Can they log into Google Photos on a PC? I'm sure you used to be able to do that, but it wouldn't surprise me if Google randomly discontinued it like they do with a lot of their products!

@ephemeromorph Unforfunately that would be too hard to learn because everything looks different there (aka not like the Windows Explorer) and they wouldn't find their way around, let alone getting the images into their local folders. I'd like a solution where they don't have to learn a new program/UI, but so far people have been suggestiong Syncthing and it sounds like a good solution!

@bestiaexmachina I love Syncthing! I have 4 devices total (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC) and it makes it so easy to update my password manager between devices or transfer music to my phone.

@ephemeromorph I never knew about it before and it's like a whole new world opening up to me right now, hahaha. I love it! No more emailing pictures to myself because I'm too lazy to connect my phone to the PC, lmao.

@bestiaexmachina I hope that it is not to big. But also in terms of backing up the photos later on, you could set-up a nextcloud instance in the local network und install the client on the phone an windows pc to sync the photos from phone and spread them to the windows pc. Nextcloud should also run on a raspberry.

@bestiaexmachina sounds like you need nextcloud

Nextcloud app on phone can automatically upload photos

On windows, set that folder to sync to the hard drive

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