Feels nice to watch the blogroll section on my website grow, as more and more of my artist friends get tired of popular social media or dysfunctional gallery websites and go back to creating their own little personal corners of the web. :blobcatheart:

(Don't get me wrong: It's a shame that this has even become an issue. But I'm happy that the people I care about start turning their backs on Meta, Birdsite & Co.)

@bestiaexmachina Yess, making your own website is SUCH FUN and everyone should do it.

@ephemeromorph I agree! I love that there was a small Neocities fad lately, where some people in the art community created purposefully oldschool-ish websites for the sake of nostalgia.

@bestiaexmachina Woohoo, my blog is in your blogroll! This shall inspire me to create something similar! Thanks! :ablobcatattention:

@thopan Haha, you're welcome! 😊 And hell yesss! I look forward to it!

@bestiaexmachina Made me feel young having to google what blogroll meant :P Having a completely customizable space to tinker on is a lot of fun, maybe I should add an art section to my site as well instead of just linking to artstation

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