hello! welcome to hyaline. or nierio, or kazauthi, or many others - depending on who you ask.

to start with: the main worldbuilding hub is here (most content will be free) ko-fi.com/machinesbleedtoo

Here's some art

🧵 replies will contain a detailed introduction (if you're seeing this live, slowly, since I need to caption everything)

#art #artofhyaline #nailsandteeth

each populated area has its own independent governance, allowing for an incredibly varied planet. the single world government could not extend their reach beyond their golden city- arifeux. it is the most technologically advanced city on the planet.

the rulers of this city are colonizers from another world. and they are dying. nature won - hyaline was not made for them.

the area most fleshed out is where the planned videogame is set. a stretch of rainforest the native people call falih’oko elinneu. they are called the gukeur people. they are amiels - a species of lactating egg-laying simultaneous hermaphrodites. ruled by kol, who is an ancient biomechanical entity.
#art #mastoart #fantasy

there are 3 projects i plan to finish. it's been slow due to 5 years of university & a resulting lack of time & money. i am hopeful i can commit more when i graduate (at the end of 2022!)

i work on them all concurrently because they're all connected. there are no deadlines because i'm not being paid for that. also i just really enjoy the process of worldbuilding

1 of 3: the world guide. basically a fancy and longer-than-necessary proof of concept for the game. it contains 2 short stories; one pertaining to the game, one pertaining to the graphic novel.

here are some pages from an ugly test print

2 of 3 is a symbiotic survival game set on an alien planet - hyaline, of course. it is about conservation as much as it is about survival. if all else fails, it'll at least be a narrative-driven exploration experience

here is a prototype environment video from 2016

#art #gamedev

art CW: hunting an animal for food, stylized surrealist violence

3 of 3 is a horror graphic novel - a philosophical conversation about grief, identity & the end of the world. it is called #nailsandteeth

#art #comics

art CW: quite a lot of blood

here's some art pertaining to the graphic novel (#nailsandteeth) OCs - mainly those who represent me or some aspect of my life, since i have had low energy for a long time for projects. so i resort to artistic self-indulgence to cope. relatable i'm sure

worldbuilding / project thread finished (for now)

#art #horror #DigitalArt

@machinesbleedtoo I love how even cross-medium all of these works have the signature Gabriel Lighting. I do not know how to explain it, it just IS and I recognize it at a glance.


@JackalMordant @machinesbleedtoo My goodness, you're right! It's probably a certain mix of desaturated colors and the warm-ish shading? Either way, yes, I totally agree!

@bestiaexmachina @machinesbleedtoo Yes, it is a complex mixture plus a certain je ne sais quoi.


@JackalMordant @bestiaexmachina omg thank you both!!! I actually have no idea what it could be either, it's not something I think actively about - as i'm sure you both know as you do art more it becomes intuitive. i'm gonna have to check in on myself when i'm doing it next time to see if i can figure this out (always helps to know, bc it's basis of improvement etc!)

@JackalMordant @bestiaexmachina i think all the shadows tend to be either red or purple or somewhere inbetween. i think you're right about the warmth part

@machinesbleedtoo @bestiaexmachina I know what you mean about the intuition taking over in art. Being in a state of flow, not necessarily consciously scrutinizing the choices as we make them. It's interesting to look over body of work after the fact and be all 'huh I guess that's a thing I consistently do', hashtag onbrand.

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