Remnants of an ancient civilization. A -inspired landscape created with ; the silhouette of a person was added manually for dramatic effect.

(Marked as sensitive for possible trypophobia.)

@bestiaexmachina this would be a disconcerting landscape to encounter in person

@hax @bestiaexmachina Awesome. Why does it say "not for net use" in the image?

@kerfuffle @hax It says "Not for NFT use", but the contrast isn't too great as I was trying to make the watermark as subtle as possible.

I've been applying it to all my work ever since NFT scammers started plagiarizing my fellow artists' work big time. I wish I didn't have to slap it all over, but better safe than sorry, I guess. 😓

@bestiaexmachina it was really subtle I had to zoom in real tight while saying "enhance" each time. Chanting enhance is necessary.

@hax Did it make the pixelated parts really sharp and crisp like it does on FBI movies?

@bestiaexmachina based on any game where I can see the landscape before actually landing on the planet this would among many that I'd see the surface and nope the fuck out.

@hax Hahaha this is the greatest compliment this piece could possibly receive. Looks like the AI did its job well!

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