Wrote a little blog entry about , my tool of choice when it comes to the generation of .

It's nothing new if you've been following me over the past weeks or are familiar with the concept; I just felt like documenting my process in a way.

You can read it here:

(I can't put the images on my website under a sensitive media warning, so if lovecraftian horrors and/or the concept of in general make you uncomfortable, you might want to skip this one.)

@bestiaexmachina The generated images are extraordinarily good, WTF. 🥹

@thopan Thank you so much! 😊 They are sooooo much fun to make, and it's like the AI is made for creating uncanny, lovecraftian stuff, haha!

@bestiaexmachina Mind the fineprint. I've heard people using their own poems to generate images. You give away usage rights to what you provide.

@kerfuffle That, and all your prompts are displayed publicly in the community area (unless you pay an additional fee to set your creations to private), so it's best not to use sensitive information at all.

@bestiaexmachina I have problems with not daily tasks, like a female cyclop or a shark swimming from bottom to top. And I hate, that I can't train MJ with images material.

@SimonWpt I totally hear you. Ever since the latest update, MidJourney seems to have entirely forgotten what an ibex is, and it was never really good at making crabs either.

Man it would be so cool if we could train the AI, I totally agree. I guess they opted not to do it so people don't abuse it.

@bestiaexmachina I read, that they don't offer it, because they are afraid of abuse. The badword list ist huge. So Midjourney is really limited.

@bestiaexmachina yep. Nothing to ad here. It's really fun and surprising, useful inspiration for a lot of things, of course there are already criminals at the start. Just today read on mj, that some dudes use vpn and fake account to grab endless free trial, at the same time trying to create chi*d po*n.

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