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Heads-up to my fellow metalheads: I have a female-fronted, lovecraftian-themed solo project called Carcinizer!

You can check out my debut song "The Day It Came from the Sky" on Bandcamp:


Enjoy! 🤘🦀🤘

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Hi, I'm Sciasm, an artist, musician and UI designer from Germany!

I like to draw cartoon creatures, fiddle around with AI-generated art, play pen & paper RPGs and listen to industrial music and doom metal. I play in a post-hardcore band and two solo projects.

I grew up on LiveJournal and DeviantArt where I was adopted and raised by furries. I'm beyond done with popular social media and happy to be here!


Question about Pixelfed 

@pixelfed Addendum: I just found another DM addressed at my Mastodon account on my Pixelfed timeline that has a like by another user who was not part of the private conversation. So it might not be my account(s) in particular, but a general security issue. 😮

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Question about Pixelfed 

Hey @pixelfed, I'm following a couple of Mastodon accounts from my and just saw that on my Pixelfed timeline I can see a direct message from a followed Mastodon user that was addressed at my Mastodon account. I have the same username on both platforms, so maybe something's not federating the way it should – unless I'm missing something?

Just wanted to let you know in case it's something you might wanna look into! 🙂

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Neues aus der Flüstertüte!

Lovecrafter Online – Carcinizer, ein cthuloides, weibliches Solo-Doom-Projekt

Nach etwas längerer Pause haben wir wieder etwas Musikalisches für eure Ohren und angegriffenen Bewusstseine im Angebot. Vor einer Weile stieß ich auf Mastodon auf eine sympathische Nutzerin, die mit ihrem Soloprojekt Carcinizer auf harten…


Extremely glad I get to exist at the same time as Marc Rebillet :blobrainbow: 🦩

(CN: flashing lights)

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Felicity's drunk, bubbly, friendly talkative self. Actually real pleased with how this turned out. Background is AI generated so may or may not experiment with that in the future

OC belongs to me

#mastoart #digitalart #cat #hairlesscat #sphynxcat #anthro #furry #furryart #drawing #alcohol

Feels nice to watch the blogroll section on my website grow, as more and more of my artist friends get tired of popular social media or dysfunctional gallery websites and go back to creating their own little personal corners of the web. :blobcatheart:

(Don't get me wrong: It's a shame that this has even become an issue. But I'm happy that the people I care about start turning their backs on Meta, Birdsite & Co.)

I AM already following interesting people lmao please just show their posts I'm begging you

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Hey , wie sprecht ihr eigentlich "Zine" aus?

(Hintergrund: In meinem Kopf sage ich "Siehn", weil es sich meines Wissens vom englischen "magazine" ableitet. Höre aber auch oft "Sein" und bin jetzt neugierig, was eigentlich der allgemeine Konsens ist, sofern es einen gibt. 🤔)

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A silpme drawing for a simple dragon ;D
Fen, enjoying his portable game thingi on a warm summer day.


#MastoArt #dragon #furry #furryart #anthro

For some reason my feed stopped updating about five days ago. I can see my friends' Pixelfed posts from my Mastodon account just fine, but they don't show up on Pixelfed itself any more. What gives? :think_bread:

Does anyone else have the same issue?

For the slim chance that someone out there wants to set up a private no-decay, no-wipe server for them and their fellow introverted casual-gamer friends (the multiplayer survival game, not the programming language) and is equally frustrated at having to piece everything together from abandoned forum posts and half-assed Reddit threads, I wrote a little how-to guide:


I hope it helps! (Input is welcome as always.)

Remnants of an ancient civilization. A -inspired landscape created with ; the silhouette of a person was added manually for dramatic effect.

(Marked as sensitive for possible trypophobia.)

You heard the man: I'm diving deeper and deeper into the Fediverse and lo and behold, Carcinizer is now on Peertube!

If you have a Peertube account, you can find my channel on :blobrainbow:

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#Peertube #music

Hallo an alle,

ich freue mich sehr eine neue Content Erstellerin auf meiner Instanz willkommen zu heißen und zwar @bestiaexmachina😃

Sie ist eine deutsche Musikerin und macht Doom Metal Musik.

Link zu ihrem Peertube Kanal ist folgender:

Beste Grüße
Admin von

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(I can't put the images on my website under a sensitive media warning, so if lovecraftian horrors and/or the concept of in general make you uncomfortable, you might want to skip this one.)

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Wrote a little blog entry about , my tool of choice when it comes to the generation of .

It's nothing new if you've been following me over the past weeks or are familiar with the concept; I just felt like documenting my process in a way.

You can read it here:

A gorgeous cyberpunk place I got out of . I'm totally in love with the vibe! Might use this as a background for a future illustration.

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That said, here's what you can expect:

🫥 Media I'll mark as sensitive:
– Potential triggers for common phobias (e. g. spiders, violence, body horror, trypophobia)

🫣 Stuff I'll put under a content warning:
– Potentially uncomfortable textual topics (e. g. health-related stuff, opinions, Birdsite mentions, memes)

🏷️ I'll tag art containing potential niche triggers with , or so I don't have to fully hide it but y'all can block the tags if need be.

Input welcome!

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