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@estebanm That's exactly what I thought I was trying to do. It's unfortunate that you know how it exactly was, as it shows how common this must be. Thank you for sharing the video, I'll be watching it shortly with some coffee.

It's hard for me to fathom how incredibly stupid I was to believe her after everything she did. It was all so wrong and it angers me how I let that happen to myself.

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After Huge Row & Health Minister’s Letter, Ramdev “Withdraws” Controversial Remarks On Allopathy
Along with the outrage, Ramdev had also drawn a legal notice from the Indian Medical Association (IMA), demanding a written apology for the statement. 
Yoga guru Ramdev, owner and face of o
#Allopathy #Ayurveda #BabaRamdev #COVID19 #featured #Patanjali #Yogaguru

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Help us to spread the word about LibreOffice in schools, colleges and universities! And bring new people into our projects, so that we can keep on improving the software 👍 You can hand out these flyers: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

@penguin42 @fribbledom Well now that you've told everyone where to look..

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How do you store your passwords?

@estebanm That's a great tip! Specially when we're trying to be ourselves again. Everything that I enjoyed has been on a pause for a while. Thanks Easteban :)

After a very long time, I felt happy again. And it was because of something as simple as being able to help others. A good reminder why I was so into things that I used to do. Also, my friends will never know how thankful I am for having them by my side through the best and the worst.
Shit happens and always will, gotta keep moving to and do whatever it takes to turn that into a blessing in disguise.
I hope to be able to look back and be glad for everything that happened.

I'm at that point in where I'm getting kinda comfortable with playing any songs with open chords. Not sure how long I can ignore the elephant in the room.

@herag thanks for the recommendation! Haven't come across this one before. Sweet

@tfb I tried today. Way off haha. The low E the hardest to tune because of the tension but I'm sure I'll get there :) Just need to remember that string that's supposed to be tuned to the 4th fret of the previous string instead of 5th

@bluebirch hmmmm?? 😅 I just started, not quite sure what that exactly would be.

@ephemeral @tfb I hadn't thought of using a tuning fork yet. Sounds very pro, I didn't realise it was possible to for beginners to have ears good enough for that. Assumed it years of playing.

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