After a very long time, I felt happy again. And it was because of something as simple as being able to help others. A good reminder why I was so into things that I used to do. Also, my friends will never know how thankful I am for having them by my side through the best and the worst.
Shit happens and always will, gotta keep moving to and do whatever it takes to turn that into a blessing in disguise.
I hope to be able to look back and be glad for everything that happened.

@akash Cheers to that!

Regarding the looking back, I have found it very helpful to keep a kind of "diary" (just a simple log of things I have done that I care about, like meeting friends, working out, starting/finishing personal projects, or whatever). Sometimes it's nice to read through and realise all the good things one has done, and the good memories one has.

@estebanm That's a great tip! Specially when we're trying to be ourselves again. Everything that I enjoyed has been on a pause for a while. Thanks Easteban :)

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