So.. I broke my tuner. What's the best open source tuner for beginners? I'm currently learning songs on standard, drop D and alternative c# tuning. The latter is pretty hard to find on most apps. And the bare none apps are pretty confusing for me right now despite of being accurate. Thanks!

@akash What's c# tuning? (Both normal tuning and drop-D can be done using harmonics with the A string as reference.)

@bluebirch the one that you'd play 'snuff' on, C# F# B E G# C#. I'm not sure they call it c sharp iirc. I've tried doing it referencing to other strings before but unfortunately my ears aren't trained well enough for that yet I guess :(

@akash A perfect opportunity to start training your ears then! 😉 When you use a tuner, do you use a reference tone and tune the string to that tone by ear? Because with harmonics, for example, you can have the same note on two strings. 5th band harmonics on the E-string is E two octaves up, and 7th band harmonics on the A string is also E, the exact same note.

@akash It gets a bit complicated with non-standard tuning, but it's not impossible.

@bluebirch hmmmm?? 😅 I just started, not quite sure what that exactly would be.

@akash i dont know much about music creation but my daughter has the gift of music and she found the site quite useful... wonder if it will be of use to you too.

@techbolt oh wow this sure is a treasure chest! I'm saving this, will definitely give these a go once I get myself a new computer. I don't think the one I have can be revived again haha. Thank you so much!

@akash I strongly recommend learning to tune your instrument. You should only need one external reference note.

@tfb I guess I need force myself to focus on that more often. Been relying on the tuner heavily so far.

@akash @tfb

Agreed, that was going to be my suggestion too (not being a luddite grump, but just because it's good for the ear). A tuning fork will never break and doesn't need batteries.

I don't know any apps unfortunately, to give you a hand for now.

@ephemeral @akash There are two big reasons I think. One is to develop an ear for your instrument. The other is to be able to play with "difficult" instruments: accordions, bag pipes, pianos, etc. If one if those is a few cents off, or even half a step off, who cares, if everyone else can quickly tune to them. This is especially relevant for analogue synthesizers, which will change tuning over the course of a session.

@ephemeral @akash @tfb
"A tuning fork will never break"
Coloratura Soprano: "Nice tuning fork you got there..."

@ephemeral @tfb I hadn't thought of using a tuning fork yet. Sounds very pro, I didn't realise it was possible to for beginners to have ears good enough for that. Assumed it years of playing.

@akash @tfb

Not really, you mostly need to just get used to hearing the tone and replicating it. As a player your ear has probably already learned this a bit.

Make sure it's a decent one - if your tuning fork is off by even a quarter tone then your whole instrument will be off. What might be a good way to build up the ability would be to use a digital tuner to double-check as you learn.

(which again doesn't solve your current problem of needing a tuner...sorry)

@akash I'd recommend trying to tune by ear, and using the tuner to check your work if you want. That will give you feedback to help develop your ear.

@tfb I tried today. Way off haha. The low E the hardest to tune because of the tension but I'm sure I'll get there :) Just need to remember that string that's supposed to be tuned to the 4th fret of the previous string instead of 5th

@akash It’s not the best but it’s decent... Boss has an official tuner app that makes your phone look like their tuner pedal.

@Lucca Oh I noticed that one but haven't tried it yet. It definitely looks fun I'll give it a go. Thanks!

@akash I used Datuner for years. It has a free trial, but then you have to pay a yearly fee, but it is very good. I was able to even tune pianos with it as a replacement for my old strobe that broke years ago.

@herag thanks for the recommendation! Haven't come across this one before. Sweet

@akash ...I agree with the other comments that tuning by war would be beneficial - however, I use Cythara from the FDroid store on an android device which works quite well for me

@akash download the boss tuner app it's a good stop gap until you get up and running again

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