How many times can a heart break?

@akash good to see you :)

why do you want to keep count? it's not like you want to maintain version control and compare diffs/deltas :P

@dpreacher I did compare and my findings suggest there's no difference whatsoever.

@akash so even less reason to keep score.. look ahead. shit's coming your way! :P can be good shit can be bad shit, but shit you gotta deal with.

@Breakfastisready my first thought was, "that's not possible". But then I remembered something.

@akash There's a couplet by Mirza Ghalib:

kahūñ kis se maiñ ki kyā hai shab-e-ġham burī balā hai

mujhe kyā burā thā marnā agar ek baar hotā

It means,

Who can I share with my sorrow and my nights of grief,
Death would not have been a problem, were it to happen only once.

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