Look at riot.im as a replacement to #WhatsApp. It is decentralized similar to #Mastodon but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured #privacy It is powered by #Matrix protocol and two instances are manged by Indians diasp.in and poddery.com

@praveen @h_tejas How about Signal messenger app. Even Snowden uses it I guess.

@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas its centralised and uses your phone number. Absolute disaster. Snowden has a different threat model.


Chaps use prosody server with conversations as your client on android for whatsapp replacement... works a treat.

@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas

Hi Akash.. was trying to test if I can reach you on conversations and received this error...

"Messages from strangers are rejected"

Would you mind adding me as a contact using my XMPP id:


@techbolt hey sorry I was using Bruno the jabber bear earlier and removed it along with many other apps after my tab started lagging, since I was in no active convo. Gimme 5, see you there :)

I got ur message and hopefully u got two from me... one unencrypted and one omemo encrypted... just checking
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