Expecting different results after repeating the same mistakes over and over again is kinda my thing.

Ok it's been years since I last touched my guitar. And I don't seem to remember the little I thought myself that time.
Anyone knows where to start? Any good YouTube channels maybe?
Like I can't even play the song I used to really good at and my fingers hurt, I feel like like a little bitch. Probably going to give it most of my time today, extremely disappointed.

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I let myself down again. This needs to stop.

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Was der IT Support am Telefon sagt
"Das ist ganz einfach, sie machen folgendes:"

Was der IT Support dann beschreibt:

was one of the few centralised services that I really liked. So disappointed.

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#Keybase users revolt following #Zoom acquisition

Video conferencing company Zoom announced today its acquisition of encrypted messaging and file-sharing platform Keybase. Keybase users are not happy.

#privacy #privacymatters

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I've been advocating for #keybase for some time now. Professionals have been joining me there. Clients have been joining me there. Just when I thought they were getting better for adoption, the sell to #zoom. What a debacle.

I'm now looking at deleting and launching a matrix server. Feel free to weigh in. Keybase has a lot of great features that will be missed if I jump

Keep telling myself that it's just dopamine messing up with my brain. Need to be myself again.

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Apple Pie with freshly made Custard for breakfast this fine Labour Day public holiday.

#food #cooking #baking

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Water cooled computer from a bourbon barrel and a whiskey reservoir.

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It's been around 40 days since I last stepped out of my house. Doesn't feel great, specially given how stressed out I already was before this started. Unpleasant.

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Don’t be fooled by clickbait. Yes. Some vaccine *candidates* are entering human trial. Extremely fast-tracked. That does NOT mean we will have a safe, mass produced vaccine soon. It will still take months, probably at least a year for that.

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Turns out it's pretty easy to remove the proprietary firmware blobs and use Linux-libre with Fedora, thanks to the work of the FSFLA on Freed-ora!

Freed-ora: fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linu

My blog post on this: vecna.xyz/blog/2020/04/19/free

'Seven Inches of Satanic Panic' stuck in my head real good.

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Post doesn't get the attention it very much deserves.

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