Has anyone managed to unlock the bootloader of their smartphone under Linux?

@aendi Did you try a DDG search with this ? xiaomi unlock bootloader
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#xda-developers #android I know that with some phones unlocking becomes more difficult, e.g. I almost bought a Motorola G4 Play, to find out that it is no (longer ?) in the list of devices that you can request a bootloader unlock for. Luckily so far I've never had to "beg" the phone company to unlock, or buy software to unlock it.

@Ajz Yes, I did. Xiaomi smartphones require an unlock tool from the manufacturer, which is only available for Windows. There is an unofficial tool for Linux, but it doesn't seem to work. Some people say it's malware, so I'm not trying it out. Unfortunately, the official tool does not work under Wine. You're right, it should be easier to unlock a smartphone, but I do understand why the vendors are using such hurdles.

@aendi A few years ago I had to deal with a phone where unfortunately some Windows software was needed. I managed to use Windows in VirtualBox in Linux, and was able to use the Windows software for the phone. With both VirtualBox and KVM-Qemu on Linux one can use usb connections. It might take some effort to make it work, but it is surely possible. #linux #android

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