I'm a few episodes into the new , and I quite like it so far.

I guess what they did is kinda creating a remix of the original show. There's a lot of the same characters, but in different roles. Plotlines from two episodes put together into one new episode. And the music represents that too. Some songs are from the original soundtrack, others are reimagined. A few are new.

Works for me. 👍

whoa I'm at the clown episode. They changed key aspects AND recreated key visuals. It's the perfect symbiosis of old and new. Brilliant 😁

Well that took an unexpected turn. Several in fact. Not entirely sure I'm happy with all those changes, but for the most part I'd still say the new is pretty good.


I plan to watch it this week. I mean nothing can match the original but as long as its fun to watch that's all that matters

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