I just had a terrible idea. Would anyone in the fediverse be interested in a fedivision song contest?
And participating?
I... I think I would like that!
#eurovision #fedivision #music

A funny and somewhat terrible idea! Let's see if I will participate, the deadline is tough with a full time job und family. Is there already an idea where to upload the songs?

@MiseryPath we've changed the deadline to next week! Did you see the announcement in the #fedivision thread?
No, we haven't decided where to upload. To be frank, I'd say the participants choose for themselves?


Sorry I didn't read the whole thread. Next week sounds a little better.

Any other rules about the songs? Are coversongs allowed? This would save me a lot of time.

As far as I could see instrumental songs would be okay though.

@MiseryPath hm, haven't thought about cover songs... I think they aren't allowed in the ESC.



No problem! Actually I'm not into this ESC thing so I don't know the rules 😅

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