Today I start the second try to create music together via Mastodon. I recorded a piece of music that's derived from the Pan's Labyrinth OST. If you like, you may record something that fits and send it to me, I will mix it.

Feel free to share this toot if you like the idea!

For everybody who would like to record something. I tuned the guitar with the help of my piano. Now I realised it's slightly out of tune (not that much, but it's there).

So if you record something: The key is a minor, it's played in 80 bpm. I would record my guitar again, if the tuning doesn't fit.

(Note to myself: Got to get the piano tuned!)

@MiseryPath Have you heard about @awhaleslantern ? It's a similar project which has already released several albums of their project.

@awhaleslantern @MiseryPath But of course. Even if I haven't participated so far I love the idea and your project.

@MiseryPath I just listened to your clip, I feel the tune sounds really nice as is. I sing but I feel it may not fit with the classical mood you have on here. What did you have in mind in terms of instruments that could be added?

Well, some vocals stuff could be interesting, but I don't know what could fit.

I think some sort of string arrangement, another guitar or piano could fit really well.

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