Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property. All products are effectively becoming rentals, and the companies can revoke your right to use them whenever they feel like it. It's becoming increasingly difficult to actually own anything. Media is streamed, and devices are locked from the users.

It's hilarious how all the things people were afraid of happening under communism are actually happening under capitalism.

This is indeed ironic. BUT, u still have a choice. You can buy a free phone, you can buy music and movies. Nobody is forced into these constraints.


@x2ero @yogthos
it doesn't matter if nobody is forced directly. All that matters is that the majority of people will more likely chose the worse option, which will also affect everyone who resists in a more detrimental than if only a minority made the bad choice. I don't really need to provide any examples here because this is the status quo.

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