Anyone buying music/merch from records better think twice. They're officially supporting and releasing the album of Bartłomiej Krysiuk's version of , despite a polish court order prohibiting him from releasing anything under that name or giving live performances until the respective trial is over. While he plans to countersue the order, he doesn't seem to have anything (reasonable) backing up his case. Therefore this whole ordeal amounts to theft of intellectual property.

To make it clear:
The band's original creator Krzysztof Drabikowski is planning to release a new album himself named 'Панихида' (panihida; requiem in russian) and already published the first song

The illegal album release is called 'Hospodi' with the first single being on the youtube channel.
They even disabled comments and visible like/dislike ratio to silence anyone calling them out on it.

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The countersue by Krysiuk has been successful it seems. He can use the name at least until the main trial is finished.

Well, let's see how often he will bump with his head into the mic on stage and whether the cross on the book cover won't drop next time. The video from their first gig at where this actually happens has unfortunately been taken down already. 🤭

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