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DM me for a 100€ logo if you need one. Last offer before I join the regular prices club

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Gibts im eigentlich leute aus Thüringen? Denen würde ich nämlich gern ein follow da lassen, für die "lokale" communitybildung.

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Die nächste Reise zum Sonnengott aus der Schweiz beginnt, nachdem der gestrige Ausflug sehr eindrucksvoll war..

Schammasch: The maldoror chants: Hermaphrodite

And the logo that started off my recent journey as a logo artist:

- Eternal Decay

/ from with themes

They're releasing a second EP later this year

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is becoming a staple of the underground it seems. Their physical releases selling out fast, and they are already getting on some more renowned distributions / labels

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A release, to which I've also provided the cover art

- demo

Some wicked bestial / / from in the vein of and similar projects

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The second newest album with one of logos has made it onto the label

- Apparitions

One man project playing a mix of and with some undertones in the vein of

FFO lifelover

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All the covers with my logos (and some with my cover art) on them, that you can find on on this last .

Links to some of the albums in the replies of this toot.

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I give a shoutout to @MiseryPath who released his album „Misery Path“ today at . It’s a solo project made by a really nice guy!

Don’t forget: It’s the last today. So go support some indy artists!

Had a craving for more thrashing black'n'roll type of bands last month. from is one of them, although still leaning more towards the side of things.

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