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has come to an end with the overall situation for musicians getting better, as more and more places open up again for live activities.

However, bandcamp is still one of the best platforms to support your favorite musicians and especially those that are just starting out.

Here's a list of all available releases on Bandcamp, that have logos made by Aether Vortex Designs. Most of them are set as name your price.

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March 2021


One of the best modern bands out there and of the modern scene.

I've seen them often being compared to due to similarities in some of the vocals but personally I think Sørgelig transcend Silencer in terms of vocals.

Musically they also have a more aggressive and rocking style mixed with dsbm in addition to the typical drawn out songs.

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- May 2021

- Nex Fornix

Continuing with a black/death sound this month's award goes to an outstanding band from .

Discovered this as the podcast's AOTY for 2020, which is a fully justified pick. There are some special tones in here that make this very while not deviating too much from the genre's usual sound

Favorite song: 01 - Hierophant

for week 24 of 2021

that debut is addicting

Top weekly artists for Halbeard
1. Morrigan (25 plays)
2. Arvet (24 plays)
3. MELATONYN (20 plays)
4. Sørgelig (10 plays)
5. Forteresse (9 plays)
6. Korgonthurus (8 plays)
7. Goats Of Doom (6 plays)
8. Ruadh (6 plays)
37 different artists in this time period

for week 23 of 2021

This month has already so many good new music. From this week's top 8 there are new releases by | , &

Top weekly artists for Halbeard
1. Икотка (26 plays)
2. Nietzu (25 plays)
3. Hænesy (21 plays)
4. Membaris (19 plays)
5. Ahab (16 plays)
6. KVADRAT (15 plays)
7. Xavarthan (15 plays)
8. THROANE (14 plays)
72 different artists in this time period

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aaand released another EP (2nd with my on it)

this one is more heavy than the first, the songwriting keeps getting better and the aggressive vocals remain top class.

Give this a try if you're looking for some unusual ethereal vocals in your bm mix

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When everything is interdependent, everything is fragile.

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#Reddit is down, so why not take a look at its Fediverse alternative @LemmyDev :lemmy:

The flagship instance is at


Abends die Batterien des Rauchmelders wechseln ist nicht die beste Idee die ich hatt 😅

hätte zumindest in der Anleitung stehen können, dass der Test Ton die gleiche Lautstärke hat wie das tatsächliche Warngeräusch

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Nun habe ich schon einen weiteren Auftrag,
...und zwar eine ähnliche Compilation für eine Verwandte, die Jg. 1956 ist.
Für die Jahre *1956 bis 1965* habe ich und kenne ich quasi fast nichts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Vielleicht habt Ihr da noch Ideen?

@wuffel @opili @kath @treuss @narf @Ayreonaut @pmj @josalkun @Easydor @MiseryPath @z428 @musicmatze @Herbstfreud @sthaydn @keller63 @na11 @stardenver @ferds @2342 @gebrauchskunst @fribbledom @mj @Lanthanus @Halbeard @cordialis

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killer / track by

juding from this single song the EP is already a contender for album of the month once it releases

for from made by me via

first demo available on bandcamp

Some really well written Finnish lofi , highly recommended if that genre suits you.

I'm beginning to establish a signature style with these. The portfolio is full enough now to raise commission prices, altough anyone contacting me from mastodon will get a price cut.

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Virus researchers say there is virtually no chance that the new coronavirus was released as result of a laboratory accident in China or anywhere else.

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Idle thoughts #374:
In den feuchten Ecken des Hauses Server platzieren und mit Ökostrom Bitcoins minen.
Warmluftgebläse mit Mehrwert.

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Ich habe Löschantrag bei #Bundespolizei gestellt weil ich zur präventiven polizeilichen #Fahndung ausgeschrieben bin. Wird Abgelehnt. Hier Auszug aus Begründung. Also ja (#klettern) Aktionen nicht strafbar. Aber #Klima Protest stört. Also #Uebewachung durch #Polizeiproblem

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Da wir auf Twitter sehr aktiv sind, würden wir gerne einen Teil unserer Tweets ins #Fediverse tooten. Aber stupide alle Tweets spiegeln, wollen wir wiederum auch nicht.

Kennt jemand ein Tool/einen Service, mit dem man das halbautomatisch machen kann und eine Vorschau bekommt?

Scripte/Services/Bots die das vollautomatisch tun gibt es ja dutzende, aber einen interaktiven Ansatz mit Auswahlmöglichkeit konnten wir bisher nicht finden.


- Monarch of Sorrow (EP, £2.88)

(post) black metal with hardcore, shoegaze, ambient and electronic elements from UK, a lot of releases and more coming soon

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- Voidwalker (EP, NYP)
Candina - Plaguespreader (EP, NYP)

black metal / dsbm from USA
an album is in the works

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