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I'm looking for music to stream on an Internet radio station that's about to launch. If you're interested in submitting your music please e-mail me:
GothFvck {at} TheFreaks.Club

Particularly interested in: hardcore, metal, industrial, goth, death rock, & punk.

Stay tuned for to be up w/ radios & Matrix-Synapse based chat.
In the mean time join some GNU Social groups or feel free to post on the forums at:

Free Software Advocacy: A Most Lamentable Tragedie in Three Ackts:

Act 1:
> Software should be free and available to everyone.

Yeah... Yeah!

Act 2:
> Software should give us the freedom to study it, share it, and fix it ourselves.


Act 3:
> Using Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Photoshop, and most social media is harmful and you probably should stop doing it.

wait... what?

I'm so ready to just sit home in bed all day and work on TFC stuff but alas, I must go to the day job...

March for Basic Income , Oct 26 in NYC. 

Yet another reason not to use #Zoom's proprietary video conferencing service. They care more about their public image than their users' security, and lie about trying to silence security researchers doing responsible disclosure with hush money:

There are a number of hosted or self-hostable alternatives, including #JitsiMeet, as well as #P2P conferencing apps like #Jami, and protocols like #Tox.

The two-sided statue of Mephistopheles and Margaretta (19th Century) at the Salar Jung Museum in India. The sculpture is carved out of a single log of sycamore wood. Artist unknown

Media: “Trump literally could not break the law more more.”

Politicians: “we need to ban vaping and create encryption backdoors.”

General public: “it’s spooktober!”

The best part about having a million projects at once? It's no longer "procrastination," it's "moving the ball forward a little bit on everything"

Oh wow, GitHub just invited me to be part of the GitHub Sponsors program!

That means you can now support my projects and open-source work directly through GitHub.

For the first year of the program GitHub will even match each of your donations. So if you always wanted to stick it to GitHub, now's the time 😂

Support me here:


Pick 2-3 small tasks and get them done so that you feel a sense of accomplishment.

my new fan video is up!

watch it before it gets taken down!

the song for this one is Ceramic Girl by Perfume and it is made of clips from My Dear Marie, an OVA from 1996 about an android girl

CW for possible body horror related to being a robot and some anime tiddies

Been busy on my blog today. Posts should be turning up here at some point. Importantly, my RSS feed *should* be behaving better. But if it’s still being a pain in your feed reader, please let me know 😇

@opensuse needs your input about We are looking at redoing the store and would like to know your thoughts. Take this short survey to help us determine a directions -

I totally forgot existed. I'm about to start making heavy use of this >:D

I totally forgot existed. I'm about to start making heavy use of this >:D

twitter-to-mastodon crosspost tip:

if you start your tweet with "cw: [some text]", that text will be converted into an actual mastodon content warning by the crossposter.

please be mindful of your mastodon followers and use content warnings.


Fancy supporting this writer on #patreon (pretty please?) I've made some changes that I hope you might like!

🐈 Merlin Mondays, in which I post Merlin pics/videos and give an update on what he's been up to

🌎 Worldbuilding Wednesdays in which I give snippets of worldbuilding and talk about my process

📚 Freestyle Fridays in which I post a small update about the writing life and maybe some tips or excerpts!

The first ones are open to the public. :)

Rep. Ro Khanna To Introduce Bill To Study Impact Of FOSTA On Sex Workers

FOSTA was sold to Congress and the public as a way to "protect women," who (we were told) were being sex trafficked because of a "loophole" in the law. As we warned over and over again at the time, FOSTA would actually put women at...

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