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I'm looking for music to stream on an Internet radio station that's about to launch. If you're interested in submitting your music please e-mail me:
GothFvck {at} TheFreaks.Club

Particularly interested in: hardcore, metal, industrial, goth, death rock, & punk.

Stay tuned for to be up w/ radios & Matrix-Synapse based chat.
In the mean time join some GNU Social groups or feel free to post on the forums at:

There is just so much music out there! 😵

These last few weeks I've been exploring different genres, collecting others' playlists, and taking notes/lists of various bands and sub-genres.
It's definitely an adventure for my ears!

hitting the ‘toot’ button is cathartic. it’s like sending your thoughts into space.

anyway when people talk about immigration in terms of "we never messed with their countries why do they mess with ours" i really just have to laugh. the US interfered with the governance of basically every south and central american country for literally over 100 years

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guatemala had a socialist government that was seizing land from the united fruit company and redistributing it to peasant farmers before the US initiated a secret bombing campaign and overthrew the government at the behest of the secretary of state, who, by pure coincidence, owned a large number of shares in the united fruit company

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i think the vast majority of the world would have marxist governments without US intervention, like basically the entire continent of south america had a democratically elected marxist government at some point before the US intervened

#CreativeToots #MastoArt

Hi friends! Today is Gumroad Day, aka Gumroad is giving 100% of all profits straight to the people who use it. I'm one of them, & being disabled in many ways, as well as poor, I could really use the money haha...

Anyway, my URL is & it's where you can find the first 2 chapters of my e-graphic novel, What Colour Is Blue?, plus some zines & essays.

I've been trying to use Pandora and it's just awful. Like, they should be ashamed of themselves bad. Pithos, however, is a great application and the Music Genome Project is an interesting idea.

"high-speed" lols 

So... I'm uploading to TFC's servers at a whopping 56KB. Supposed to have near gigabit broadband. Uh huh.


Note - Help me pay some bills and get some music about making cyberpunk actually…
Help me pay some bills and get some music about making cyberpunk actually PUNK!

It's great dreaming about work when work is The Freaks Club :P

grindcore, metal, explicit cover 

My favourite band atm.
Roots from hardcore, not DM.
Tons of cool riffing, insanely fast.
From finland, so not only my style of music but also my style of attitude.

Graveyard Earth, by

15 track album

Take 5 minutes to contact your representantives about opposing any further section 230 reforms and
furthermore, repealing as they only harm sex workers and online platforms while the abusive pimps only further underground.

What's the difference between bookmarking and favouriting a post?
Why would I want to bookmark someone's post? o_O;

I seem to have forgotten how to reshare/boost things. O_o;

Manual re-share of a friend/colleague:
While we stand in solidarity with striking workers today, I'd like to direct your attention to a great alternative to Amazon for buying books online:
Proceeds from go toward supporting independent bookstores!

And if you're interested in curated shelves of great gothic reads, check out my affiliate page:

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