Who else is excited for his last.year statistics for 2019?
I can't wait for it! 🤘

(Please, without going into the discussion about which scrobbling platform is best.)

Is anyone here using the artistco social network? I really like the site, but there's almost no artists present there. I'd like to hear some thoughts from others out of curiosity.

What's new? Our song release, that's what's new!

"The Lonesome Wayfarer" by Tidal Flames, and i'm playing the bass! 🤘


Porcupine Tree - Halo

Working on a semi-improvised live cover for Drums and Bass to perform in a week 😃


My most recent addiction:


All three albums (The Great Leap, Doomsday Afternoon, Infernal) make for a fantastic journey. Although the flowing song structure makes it hard to pick out one favourite title.

@Halbeard I took a look at your bandcamp-profile, and didn't see Aquilus nor Myrkur in your list. They could both be something for you I think. :D
And I really like to recommend Xanthochroid to you:
Also I noticed you like Arkuum!
That's pretty cool, I see their guitarist on my campus from time to time -we get along well- but I never went to any of their live-shows, sadly. I missed them everytime.

New on Mastodon,
are there any Band, Music, Genres, Metal/Prog -related accounts posting around here?

\m/ Metalhead.club \m/

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